Are you treating exercise “like a multi-vitamin”?


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You’re wondering what I mean by the above question, and here’s what I mean:

Are you one of those people who go to the gym and spend an hour or so lifting weights and running on the ( insert machine name here)?

Most people take the “one shot, one kill” approach to exercise and fitness, meaning that they prefer to get all of their exercising and fitness-ing over and done in a given timeframe, namely an hour.

In my mind, that’s the “vitamin” approach to health and fitness. Like you take all your vitamins at once, so too do most of the population “take” their exercise.

Did you know that you can get into amazing shape in as little as 30 minutes a day? Amazing, right?

Did you know that you can accumulate that 30 minute criteria over the course of the day, meaning that you can break up those 30 minutes into 3 time frames of 10 minutes each?

Awesome!! Is what you’re thinking…

The only criterion that have to met to make sure that you are getting the most from each 10 minute timeframe are:

1) You must work hard enough to induce heavy panting

2) See number 1

That’s it. As I’ve mentioned many time before, intense exercise increases your rate of breathing, which in turn increases your bodys’ fat burning ability. Intense activity induces EPOC, or Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption.

The goal is to work yourself into a heavy pant, 3 times a day, 5 days a week.

Its so easy, but so effective.

Listen carefully, because what you’re about to read will change your life( and wardrobe):

All you need to do to get into better shape is to work yourself up to a heavy pant, 3 times a day, 10 minutes at a go.

You can find anyway you choose to make yourself pant. Take the steps( run up the steps). Make love really hard( read: passionately…) Run around the house until your out of breath. The possibilities are endless.

Ask yourself:” if I could think of five ways to make my 10 minutes of exercise fun, what would I think of?”

No excuses. If you have space and an imagination, then you can get into better shape Right Now.

Now, I’ll warn you up front: when you exercise hard, you’ll breath heavier, and you might take a few moments to recover your normal breathing rate. That’s perfectly normal, and as you continue to work in your 10 min intervals, you’ll find that you return to your normal/baseline breathing rate faster and faster.

Another benefit of this interval training process is that you train your heart to beat stronger. Many people don’t realize this, but having a strong heart will help you survive a heart attack.

Proper cardiovascular training will condition your heart and help you survive a cardiac event.

So get up and make yourself breath hard and heavy and the world will watch you zooming by!!!




Jogging is cool because…

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I love running, and while I’m not a dedicated runner ( hey, isn’t anybody that can walk *technically* a runner?), when I do find myself out on the open road/trail, I’m always reminded why I love it so much:

1) I find it very relaxing, especially when my pace and breathing synchronize. Its like moving meditation, and it reminds me of tai chi.

2) I start thinking about the flow of yin and yang, and how this interaction is at play in every moment of our lives, while we’re sitting still or even while we are sleeping. Running, for me, is a way to become more yin, whereas weight training brings my energetic needle over to the yang side, and this fine, because we need both, we need balance.

3) With each landing of the foot, I’m constantly reminded of muscles in my body that I don’t exercise during resistance training sessions. It feels good to know that I’m getting resistance training as I’m running.

4) I’m reminded that our bodies are capable of doing many great and wonderful things, when we synch our breath with our movements.” Breath first, and then move…”. In russian martial arts, known as Systema, special attention is paid to synching breath and movement, especially with regards to running, as practitioners may find themselves a LONNG way from their destination, and jogging will help them get their faster.

5) The slower you run, the longer you can run. Simple, when you think about it: the faster and harder you run, the more out-of-synch you become with your breathing and your power source.

6) The deep respiration patterns we experience as we run flood our bodies with life giving oxygen, and its a scientific FACT that cancer cannot exist in an oxygenated environment.

As an interesting point of conversation, their is a belief in yoga that the length of your inhale and exhale can tell you a lot about your health. A long inhale and short exhale are indicators of health problems, the rationale being that since exhalation is the process by which we get rid of carbon dioxide, then a short exhale means that your body may not be getting rid of carbon dioxide properly.

7) The runners’ high I get when I run, partly from the endorphins being released, and also in part from the knowledge that I can potentially run forever, so long as I synchronize my movement and breathing.

If you’ve never jogged before, then try something new and start jogging today. Start small, in small bouts,and when you’re out of breath, just slow down to a walking pace and try again. Each time you stop and start again, you’ll find that you can run longer and longer.

Have fun!!!

Why The Handmaid’s Tale is so freaking addictive…#offred #auntlydiasucks

Note: before I jump in and break down this awesome show, I want to remind everyone (or make everyone aware) of the fact that the handmaids’ tale that airs in Hulu is a remake/update of the 1980’s movie of the same name, which is a screen adaptation of the novel of the same name. A friend recommended that I read the novel, but i honestly don’t have the stomach to visualize all that stuff. The main protagonist of the 80’s film was Nastasha Richardson, who passed away as a result of skiing accident several years ago.


Please note also that this post may contain spoilers, depending on the number of episodes you’ve seen so far. You’ve been warned!

Natasha Richardson

This is a blog post I thought I’d never find myself writing. I never imagined that I would be chomping at the bit each week to find out what happens next… in a television series that is so weird and creepy like the handmaids’ tale. Never before have I found myself wanting a fictional character to die in gruesome ways, over and over again, until I got sucked into this dystopian view of the future (Mrs. Waterford, I’m looking at you, “lady”…)

Mrs. Waterford

Where do I begin? How bout we start with the fact that America has been infiltrated by its own soldiers, who decide that the solution to the six year baby drought smothering the progress of the nation is to take all the women that are fertile and force them to become concubines.

Don’t even get me started on that creepy ass “ritual”. So why is this show so addictive? Simple: because of the current state of affairs in the world, particularly in the United States, it FEELS as though the events happening in this fictional world could jump from the screen and manifest in the real world we inhabit.

Is it that much if a leap to imagine that the generals of our mililtary say “f@&$ it” and decide to take matters into their own hands in order to prevent the extinction of the United States? I don’t think it is. With all the instability pervading the world, it could definitely happen.

Another reason why this show is so hard to not watch is because like a car crash, it’s hard to look away: you just have to see what happens next and to whom it happens. Even if you have the worst attention span, you will be on the edge of your seat with anticipation one moment and cringing in disgust the next.

For me, the main draw is June aka “offred”. Watching her endure the torments she does inspiring ( there are some scene where you can literally see her kill mrs. Waterford and the commander million of times with her eyes as she forces a smile).

*Spoiler Alert!!!*

I was so relieved when I saw that June was being taken to an as of yet unknown location, much to the surprise of the waterfords. Serves those bastard right. Where she goes, we won’t know for weeks 😦

June aka “offred “

If you haven’t seen this show yet, what the hell are you waiting for? Jump on the bandwagon and see what everyone is heaving and wrenching about!


Amir Campbell



Why the world will never be the same.. and this May be a good thing #hangintherehumanity

The world has Been going crazy for past few decades and it seems to be happening more and more each day. Generally, I don’t let the news into my head and affect my emotions; I’ve been pretty good at building a wall of “don’t give a f$&@” around my spirit. That wall is starting to crumble slowly and this May be a good thing.

With so many violent events ( most seem racially motivated) happening so frequently, I find the people around me becoming more and more impacted, which Iin turn is impacting me because I care about them. This ultimately means that i now have to step forward and do/say something about it.

If you know anything about me, then you know I’m that “woo woo” guy who believes “I am the universe and energy is all there is”, so naturally I have to look at the world through this lenses of energy, so pay attention while I break it down, Buddha-style:

The expression of violence is the result of the build up of fear and anger. Not everyone’s expresses these pent-up emotions like this; some people freeze and become even more scared. At any rate, when you look at the emotions of anger and fear from the viewpoint of the Chinese five rhythms model cosmological makeup of the universe, you will discover that anger and fear are connected with the elements of wood and water, respectively. The designation of fire can also be applied to any passionate emotional reactions, as in crimes of PASSION.

Right now,  it seems as if  this world is engulfed in fire on the energetic level and humanity is responding ( mostly unconsciously) by losing control of their rationality and acting as scared people do.

Another interesting observation is that in the Chinese cosmological model, the rhythm of wood corresponds to anger and Growth.

Now what am I reaching for? Speculation time!!! I feel that the energies of fire, water and wood are flooding the earth and is causing feelings of hatred to bubble up to the surface, to be expressed through violence.

Because fire cleanses, all of the hatred and fear that has been festering in the souls of  humanity is being burned away, unfortunately it seems to be manifesting in seemingly random acts of violence.

So how can we protect one another during this time of transition? Here’s a few suggestions:

1. Pray/mediate on/for peace of spirit and understanding of our fellow man. We all have the capacity to project positive feelings to those around us, but very few use it. By focusing on a time when you felt extremely peaceful in your spirit and carrying that feeling with you as you go about your day, you will have a positive, uplifting effect and most everyone you encounter, even if you never utter a word.

Daily meditation before you leave you home is excellent to still your mind and emotions so that you radiate peace instead of fear. Meditation will help to center your Self within your Self.

2. Notice the feelings of anger and hatred in yourself, if there be any there. By noticing these feelings, you take the first steps to evaporate them before they manifest is less than desirable ways.

3. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you can avoid situations and contexts where there are likely to be violent outbursts I.e. Any place where crowds of people can gather, then avoid them. While we as individuals may have control over our emotions, when a person becomes lost in the crowd, they take on the mind of that group and tend to follow blindly. This is not being fearful; this is taking stock of a situation and taking the safe route.

4. Avoid watching the news. Believe me, you’re not missing anything important whatsoever. Whatever is happening in the world will happen regardless of whether or not you hear about on CNN or MSNBC. While you’re trying to get your daily dose, your mind and body are undergoing a subtle shift and your emotional state changes in the short span of time that it takes to stay abreast of current events.

There will be an end to all of these violent outbursts, because all things have and beginning and an ending, so all we can do is be part of the solution by staying in touch with our God-nature and shining that light to the people we meet.


Amir Campbell

#bepeace #harmnonehelpall



You can literally become any person or animal you want, for the right price #beastmodeisreal

Man transforms self into elf…

So during my daily quest to stay in touch with society so that I can fit in as smoothly as possible, I came across a news story about a guy that paid an obscene amount of money to transform himself into an elf.

Theres a lot going through my mind right now and some of it’s positive and uplifting:

1. We live in times of such chaotic instability that that a person can become a man, woman, or elf anytime they choose. I guess it’s a testament to the progress our race has made in regards to understanding the nature of physical reality. We’ve come quite aways from those “flat earth” days.

2. What’s next? I guarantee you that there will be people that straight up want to become penis-es and vajayjays. Why? Just because they can.

3. I have a great respect for anyone who sees reality as they like it to be and then does what it takes to manifest it. This is what separates the delusional person from the person who can actually see reality and mold it to their will.

I have to be honest though, as part of me worries a smidge about people that go about switching up their gender/race willy nilly: I understand that a person can so completely identifty with others beings to the point where they feel as though they truly are that person/being and I have to wonder if this ease of dissociation from ones own self is the result a clouded sense of self-perception from a early stage of development. What if lizard man or Elf dude decide one day that the made a mistake and want to become human again? Are there any counseling services available for such people?
Part of me wonder how many people have gone through this process realized they made a mistake but because they’re already trapped in this form that they forget their original form and just become what they are?

I’m all for gender fluidity and if a person believes they are supposed to be a different sex and whats wants to create that reality, then who am I to say this person is right or wrong?

We already have people that are species-fluid, like the guy that turned himself into a lizard years ago.

Don’t even get me started on Artificial Intelligence.

A part of me is excited about all the scientific advances we’ve made and all of the possibilities open to humanity for healing, while the grown-up in me is worried because too many options can get a certain type of person in trouble. It’s like being a dog surrounded by new booties to sniff: you’ll go crazy and wear yourself out if you try to sniff them all (not that this will stop anybody from trying).

So remember the next time you find yourself wishing you were someon different: save up some money or take out a loan and make the change.

You’re trapped in the matrix. Here’s how to break out and wake up. #hackthematrix

If you know me personally, then you know that I grew up watching lots of television, particularly 80’s movies and cartoons. In fact, I know the names of more actors/actresses than I do real people’s names. Sad but true.

One of my all time favorite movies is The Matrix with Keanu Reeves and other actors/actresses whom I will forgo naming for the sake of time. This message is one that you’ll want to hear right now.

If you haven’t seen the Matrix Trilogy of movies, I’ll give you a little synopsis: A guy discovers that his conscious awareness is living in a virtual reality game, while his ( and the rest of humanity) physical body is being used as a battery by squid-like robots. He is awakened to the truth by a bald headed black man, gets pissed off, and hi-jinx ensue.

These movies have spawned a cult consisting of people of all ages, races and creeds (present company included) who believe that we really are inside of some type of matrix. I do believe this, but not in the way the trilogy portrays it.

Now, I’ve been thinking about life and reality in general (dangerous, I know) and I’ve come to the conclusion that the matrix in which we live is one of ineffective and life-draining beliefs. At the end of the day, we are and do essentially what we believe. When you stop and think about it, we are technically “surrounded” by our beliefs, which guide us, for our good or ill.

Our beliefs control our physiology and ultimately, our reality. I believe this is the true force behind the “self fulfilling prophecy”, wherein which a person entertains a specific outcome and experiences that outcome, whether positive or negative. Science has proven that our thoughts and beliefs can influence our hormonal output, which in turn influences the way we perceive and interact with reality. Job said “behold, that which I have feared the most has come to pass…”. Henry Ford said “whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right”.

Naturally, questions about Fate and Destiny begin to arise in your mind. Put those aside for a few moments:)

You should get extremely excited about this news because it means that we can literally create the reality we want to experience. Successful people of all levels know this fact and create the realities they desire.

Now here’s the the ugly side of this coin: when we act on beliefs about ourselves that prevent us from taking uplifting actions and growing in new directions, we strengthen the negative thought matrix around us. It’s like the person that looks in the mirror everyday and tells themselves that they are fat; their body begins to conform to that belief and becomes hold extra body fat. Furthermore, these negative energy beliefs act as blinders that prevent us from seeing the true beauty of life. This can create a maze-like effect wherein we literally spin our wheels, wasting time and precious vitality.

Believe that you are a super stud and very shortly you will walk and talk like a super stud. That’s how I did it 😉

Ready for some good news? Listen up: by strategically giving ourselves positive affirmations about our ability to act in this world, we temporarily create an opening in the dark cloud of beliefs, so the warm sunlight of positive energy can come through and empower your to achieve the success you deserve.

By now you’re wondering, ” How can I crush my limiting belief matrix and create a positive, empowering belief matrix, Amir?”. Hang in there, because that information coming forthwith!

Here’s how we do it:


  1. We continuously bring out focused back to our most magnetic desired outcomes.
  2. We de-vitalise/transmute old beliefs that don’t serve our higher good and input powerful new beliefs, one at a time.

The cool thing about doing this that even just installing one powerful belief into you physiology and nervous system can increase your health and your income dramatically.

The fastest and most powerful way I found to do this is through body-focused affirmations. These affirmations activate your nervous system and your mind so that each affirmation is driven deep into your nervous and rapidly becomes a reality in your body, which then is manifested in the real world as action.

A simpler version of this process is to simply think your desired change to yourself over and over as your performing an activity that you truly enjoy. When you do this, connect the good feelings generated from your activity to your desired change, resulting in a positively charged belief, ready to serve you on your journey through life.

The cool thing about beliefs is that when they don’t serve us anymore, we can always get rid of them and replace, like you would with a old pair of tennis shoes ( sneakers).

The next time you find yourself doing something you truly enjoy, give yourself an affirmation of success and prosperity and watch as it manifests in your life as the goodness you deserve to experience.






Why you eat like s#!t… and how to fix it in five minutes or less. #eatgoodfeelgood

As a personal trainer, it’s one of my duties to show my clients how to choose healthy foods and eat those foods for optimal energy levels and maintaining their desired body composition. Don’t get me wrong: I love my junk food. French toast sticks, burgers, french fries, chicken wings, mountains of cheese. I  could go on, but I would drown in my own drool.

I was sitting down wondering to myself why it is that when I make a recommendation to eat foods that will improve a person’s energy levels, a person will ignore that recommendation or “forget” to eat like I recommended.

It was one of those things where I already “knew” the answer, but I couldn’t yet put it into words. I’ve been trying to put it into words for years now, but I finally broke through the mental roadblock that prevented from doing so and the answer both shocked me and made perfect sense, as it may when you keep reading on to discover it:

One of the reasons why people tend to eat lots of junk food – re-frame that to “vitality draining foods” – is because their body wants to defend itself. Now you’re probably wondering what EXACTLY their body is trying to protect themselves from. Terrorists? Old ladies driving extremely fast? No. Here it goes. You ready to hear this? Ok:


Their Bodies Are Trying To Protect Them From Their Own Lives.


More specifically, their bodies are trying to protect them from performing activities that are a waste of the precious life-force with which God has imbued us all. The body “figures” that if it is slow and sluggish, then your conscious mind will want to forget the notion of performing the undesirable activity. It’s called a Secondary Gain. A secondary gain refers to a perceived benefit received from a certain action/inaction.

Here’s my reasoning for this postulate:

  1. Why would we deliberately do something that would take our energy levels from 100 to 50?
  2. Notice the times and contexts in which you indulge in junk food.


Now, I realize that we eat junk food because it tastes really good, at least that’s why I eat it. But why do we indulge to the point of gluttony and feeling sick afterwards?

Another reason why we tend to over-indulge is because eating junk foods makes us feel good, lending credence to the idea that food can have the same affects on our brains as would a drug or mind- altering substance, like caffeine. It’s perfectly logical: If xx feels good, then more of xx will feel even better.

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to junk foods (which are usually high in saturated fats and refined carbohydrates).

So now that we are aware of the reasons for why we eat the way we eat, how can we fix it?

Here are two ways that will help:

  1. Affirm to yourself: ” I stop eating when I feel full. I allow myself to enjoy my favorite treats”. This affirmation is awesome because it removes the feeling of guilt that sometimes accompanies the eating of junk food.

2. Before you take a bite that favorite treat of yours, ask yourself: ” What am I lacking in my daily life that this treat will allow me to feel? What activity could I add to my daily actions that would cause me to feel as good as this food tastes?” It may seem silly, but just say it to yourself a few times and notice what your subconscious mind gives you to chew on ( pun intended).

Use these simple tips to take control of those junk food cravings and put your vitality and health over the top.

Peace and Love,

Amir Campbell


Prepping for the Police Physical Agility Exam #mindandbodygainz

Back in 2014, When I learned that my wife was going to give birth to our son, I decided to start looking for a career that offered my security and stability. Becoming an officer of the law was something that everyone that knew me thought I was perfect for. I didn’t think I was “police material”, but the salary was enticing and the benefits would bring my family peace of mind and stability.

With those motivators leading me like a carrot on a stick, I began the process of becoming a police officer. I took the civil service exam, which I literally just barely passed ( a passing score was 75%, which is what I got).

With the written test just a distant memory, the next step in the process was the Physical Agility Exam. This portion of the test consisted of performing push-ups, sit-ups, and a 1.5 mile run in different times, depending on your age and gender. Being a personal fitness trainer, I look forward to the challenge that lay ahead because although I could do a ton of push-ups and sit-ups, I hated running. I actually DESPISED it.

The time in which I had to complete the run was under 12:58, which a moderately challenging time, but when you throw my lack of running experience and my weight into the mix ( I completed the exam at a bodyweight of 225), I knew that I had to look deep into myself and be honest with my physical and mental areas-of-improvement.

With that attitude in mind, I begin assessing myself to determine just just much work I needed to do to meet the standards. As I already knew, I could easily crank out more than double the required number of push-ups and sit-ups in the required times. When it came to the run however, I was kicked in the nuts HARD. My current 1.5 mile time was 2 minutes OVER what was required of male my age. What punched my ego the most was not the fact that I was a personal trainer and should be able to do anything physically rather easily ( I was teaching group exercise classes 3 times a week), but the fact that I had some serious work to do in order to transform my body in such a way that I could run that portion of the test in UNDER 12 minutes.

So I took everything I know about Positive thinking, Psychology, Sports Training, and nutrition and applied it to myself AS IF I were one of my clients striving for a specific fitness goal. I applied ll of my knowledge and experience and I designed a training program that supposed to help me ace that exam.

Skip forward to test day: I passed my push-ups and sit-ups with flying colors (in fact, at the end of my training, my push-ups and sit-ups numbers had what I could do before training). It was time to run my ass off. I looked around at my fellow test takers: some were smiling, others were stoned faced, and I was somewhere in between those two emotions.

So I ran my run. I hauled ass and kept running. I’ll be honest: there were points in time when I saw fellow candidates stop running and start walking and I was tempted to do so. But I thought to myself, “Somebody has to be a positive example to everybody else to keep going and since I’m already running, it may as well be me, damn it!”.

With that thought in mind and many others pulling me to the finish line, I completed my running portion of the exam in 11:27. I was pumped, not just because I passed the test, but because I was able to validate that I was able to take all of my knowledge and resources and apply them to the achievement of a goal.

Not only did I pass the test, but I also helped several others pass the test with the program I’ve developed.

The motto of this story is that we should look at challenges as potential for growth and helping others become successful. Complete the prosperous circle!

Can you remember a time when you faced a challenge and overcame it, having been made stronger as a result of the struggle? Share it with us in the comments!




Top 6 ways to keep the fires of lust burning red hot in your relationship this winter. #heatunderthesheets


I recall being an inexperienced, 21-year-old single man-boy and watching men who were married with children, complaining of being exhausted and too tired for sex. I vowed upon my stack of priceless (in terms of memories and joy) comic book cards that the day I complained of being too tired to cast my wife in my own porno epic was the day that I would cook dinner 2 nights IN A ROW. When that day came (and *I* was too tired to do the same), I found myself filled with a sense of defeat which gave way to a fleeting vision of a possible future where one ” too tired to bust a nut” night turned into many and I was pleasuring myself to mental pictures of my wife’s booty while she slept soundly. Of course she was thrilled at the vision of TWO hot meals in a row waiting for her. I was finally able to sympathize with the hard-working man that came home from a days’ work and wanted to relieve some tension and I found myself shaking my head at my 21 year old self, wishing that I could tell him what the future was like, and warn him about that one girl…

Some couples don’t get around to having sex as often as they would like for many reasons: one partner may have a different work schedule than the other, creating a situation in which one partner is chomping at the bit where the other is wrung dry like a washrag; one partner may have a higher sex drive than the other one. No matter what the reason, sometimes it sucks and not in the good way. If you happen to be a member of the sister wives clan, your sexual problems are multiplied.

Here are five ways for your partner and yourself to work around being tired and create new plateaus of pleasure anytime, no matter what your energy levels are:
1. Wash your bum: the meaning of this statement may elude many of you reading this (some of the men reading this, myself included), so I’ll give specific directions to gain the maximum level of effectiveness: Imagine yourself as your partner. You’ve had a long day, your feet are on fire and your back hurts. Your partner wants to “blow off” some steam and their “pleasure pit” smells like sautéed onions wrapped up in a 70-year-old baseball mitt. Of course, you’re totally NOT turned on.

What I’m trying to say DIRECTLY TO YOU is that you want to make it as easy as possible for your partner to get turned on. Follow the 1st commandment of tired sex: wash thine bum so thou mayest (possibly) receive some sweet lovin’.

2. Help your partner relax: while sexual desire is major component in the process of experiencing mind-blowing sex, it’s not always enough to turn your partner on. Because we are all different beings physically and spiritually, we all have different triggers that need to be pulled before we can go Beast Mode on our partners’ (insert place here…).

Your partner may need to be relaxed before they can tap into their inner panther. Rub their feet. Give them a back massage. Pour them some wine. Get their feedback on what gives them pleasure and then proceed with reckless abandon.

As a add-on to this tip, and this may have suddenly come to my attention because my wife may or may not be standing behind me as I type this: Have the house somewhat decent looking when your partner comes home so that they don’t have to expend what little sexual power they have cleaning up a mess that you and your 1-year-old son may or may not have created.

  1. Allow your partner to unload verbally and emotionally – While most men tend to retire to their man-caves to recharge their batteries (like myself), women are hard-wired express their feelings and observations about the world-at-large verbally. Literally. Research has brought to light the fact that women speak about 10,000 words A DAY more than we men. They are HARD WIRED to express themselves verbally and as such, sometimes it’s a good policy to just sit back and LISTEN. We as men have all the answers and sometimes your partner doesn’t want the answer; they just want to spew their frustrations and anger unto you.

After a good unloading session, you’ll notice that your partner is more relaxed and spirited. Now is the time to make your move!!! 3. Don’t always take the first “no” as the final answer – this is classic ” her minds telling me no, but her bodies telling me “yes, more!!” . The first “no” might simply be an automatic reaction based on how she’s feeling at the moment.

  1. Another thing to consider is the fact that sometimes our ladies turned on by our assertiveness; they just want us to take charge and “do the damn thing”. That’s one of the cool things about being a man: we are naturally hard-wired to access what I call the “Primal Male archetype”, the man who is all yang and very little-to-no yin. Thankfully, our women are hardwired to respond positively most of the time. Tap into your Primal Male archetype the next time your lady says “no” (after you’ve applied at least steps 1,2 and 3). If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, and watch the magic happen.



  1. Be okay with NOT having sex – Even the DC universe comic book super-villain/anti-hero Deadshot missed once. There are going to be those times where it’s just not going to happen. The trick is to take pleasure in the fact that when “it” does happen, it’s going to be mind-blowing; let the anticipation of pleasure carry you blissfully through the next few days.



6. Turn off the television on turn on your spirit. With so many cyber Monday TV deals abound, it’s easy to get lost in TV land and forget about reality. However, you must resist the temptation to do so and focus on your lover. Look at your lover as if you were seeing them for the first time all over again. You may be surprised at what you re-discover:)

Armed with this knowledge, use it wisely and make that bedroom that you’ve been too tired to clean up for the last month even messier with some red-hot lovin’.


Peace and Love,


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Im ashamed to die until i have won some victory for humanity.(Horace Mann)



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