Jogging is cool because…

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I love running, and while I’m not a dedicated runner ( hey, isn’t anybody that can walk *technically* a runner?), when I do find myself out on the open road/trail, I’m always reminded why I love it so much:

1) I find it very relaxing, especially when my pace and breathing synchronize. Its like moving meditation, and it reminds me of tai chi.

2) I start thinking about the flow of yin and yang, and how this interaction is at play in every moment of our lives, while we’re sitting still or even while we are sleeping. Running, for me, is a way to become more yin, whereas weight training brings my energetic needle over to the yang side, and this fine, because we need both, we need balance.

3) With each landing of the foot, I’m constantly reminded of muscles in my body that I don’t exercise during resistance training sessions. It feels good to know that I’m getting resistance training as I’m running.

4) I’m reminded that our bodies are capable of doing many great and wonderful things, when we synch our breath with our movements.” Breath first, and then move…”. In russian martial arts, known as Systema, special attention is paid to synching breath and movement, especially with regards to running, as practitioners may find themselves a LONNG way from their destination, and jogging will help them get their faster.

5) The slower you run, the longer you can run. Simple, when you think about it: the faster and harder you run, the more out-of-synch you become with your breathing and your power source.

6) The deep respiration patterns we experience as we run flood our bodies with life giving oxygen, and its a scientific FACT that cancer cannot exist in an oxygenated environment.

As an interesting point of conversation, their is a belief in yoga that the length of your inhale and exhale can tell you a lot about your health. A long inhale and short exhale are indicators of health problems, the rationale being that since exhalation is the process by which we get rid of carbon dioxide, then a short exhale means that your body may not be getting rid of carbon dioxide properly.

7) The runners’ high I get when I run, partly from the endorphins being released, and also in part from the knowledge that I can potentially run forever, so long as I synchronize my movement and breathing.

If you’ve never jogged before, then try something new and start jogging today. Start small, in small bouts,and when you’re out of breath, just slow down to a walking pace and try again. Each time you stop and start again, you’ll find that you can run longer and longer.

Have fun!!!


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