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Here you will find a list of all the titles and courses I’ve authored, will author, and will attempt to sell to millions of people all over the world. Just Saying;)


Master Keys cover


Master Keys to Health and Vitality-

Product Description

Imagine being healthy and vibrant for the rest of your life. You’ll learn:
o How to beat insomnia and sleep deeply!
o Age old tips to increase your sexual energy easily!
o Powerful mindfulness techniques to increase your perception of the world around!
o How to reduce anxiety and fear!
o A simple but POWERFUL technique to energize your organs and endocrine glands for maximum health!
o Powerful breathing techniques to send your vital force through the roof!
o Powerful ways to grow younger and vital by the day!!!
o How to eat to maximize youth promoting hormones!!
o How to design and LIVE the life you truly want!
o How to ease the symptoms of depression!
o Supplements to help increase your energy levels and burn excess fat like a furnace!
o How to run your mind for peak performance!
• How to know when to stop eating for maximum energy
• Relaxation techniques to relieve stress
• The signs of health and how you can change them
• The power of properly set intention
• The true value of exercise
• Why fresh air is better for you than you ever knew
• The value of proper eating
• How focusing on the positive is good for your health
• The influence of your thoughts on your body
• The Power of “I can…”
• The power in something so simple as a smile
• How imagination influences our bodies
• How our thoughts act as magnets
• What the ancient Taoists knew about the power of smiling
• Simple tips for better vision
• If you work in a office, then you’ll thank me for this tip for quick and easy relaxation
• Bored at work? I’ll share with you some tips for increasing your productivity and increasing your earning power
• A simple technique to relax you and energize you at the same time
• Need motivation to finish some project? Here’s an incredibly simple drill to motivate yourself to accomplish virtually anything!
• Simple acupressure techniques to reduce stress INSTANTLY!!
• How to banish fear and program yourself to be brave instead!!!
o How to boost your immune system and mood in 30 seconds or less!!

You’ll gain access to all this powerful information and much more and you’ll have it at your fingertips FOR LIFE!!

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Master Keys To Health and Vitality





Renegade Gamers Guide to Devastation –



renegade gamer



Warning: Adult content ahead.

Imagine being a gaming legend…. imagine people chanting your name loudly as you step up to claim the top cash prize for the tournament… see the screaming crowds pour adoration on you, the champion….

Whether you play “for fun” or you play for money and prizes, this book is the book you NEED to completely dominate the playing field.

More than information, this book is THE bible for hardcore gamers that want to win and come out on top! With the strategies outlined in this amazing book, you will control the outcome of every gaming situation you find yourself in, from League of Legends to Monopoly!

You will learn everything from Powerful “Psychic” Warfare tactics to health improving strategies that you can use for the rest of your lifetime!

You’ll discover how to apply the principle of EBN to achieve total control over your thoughts and feelings to dominate your competition.

You’ll gain access to one of a kind techniques to help improve your Playing Power dramatically and increase your power to achieve gaming success.

You’ll learn how to achieve a powerful warrior state that will help you project unstoppable aggression and put fear into the hearts of your opponents, whether they’re in the same room or across the globe!!

You’ll learn powerful techniques to ground and center yourself for powerful rootedness and spiritual strength!

You’ll learn all of this and much, much more!

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Renegade gamer’s Guide to Devastation!








vision book cover-page-001


Imagine being able to see crisper and clearer than ever before.

When you use the simple, proven and powerful techniques in the book daily, you will experience better vision in 30 days.

Tap into the amazing healing abilities of your body to heal your eyes naturally.


If you’re tired of your contact lenses and want to save money and see better, Click here to get your copy right now!










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