5 ways to move forward to Great America (For realz) #everyoneunite

I’ll start right off the bat by saying that I know I’ll probably get some not-so-agreeable comments on this post, but that’s fine so long as you read the whole damn post and think about what i’m about to say deeply.

So we have a new president, much to many peoples dismay (at home in the states and abroad). In my book, it is what it is and I’ve always trained myself to turn my emotions off and look at people and situations like a scientist trying to penetrate the deepest mysteries of the universe. There are gracious winners and not-so-gracious winners. There are gracious “losers” and not-so-gracious losers. I like facts, because facts give us the ability to look at the history of a person or thing and make reasonable determinations as to how that person or thing will respond to certain circumstances.

I’ve been blessed/cursed to with the ability to see both sides of any situation with equal clarity and zero favoritism ( It’s due to the fact that I was born with a yin-yang sign on my thumb. Ask the lady at the post office that ran my fingerprints for pre-employment, she’ll tell you…)


Here is what I’ve penetrated with my deductive powers as a bro-scientist:



  1. Both presidential candidates have done and said some things that have sent of emotional shock waves through the emotional fabric of America.
  2. Both candidates have painted an image of themselves in a certain way with their words and actions.
  3. Both candidates have expressed their plans to make a america safer and more prosperous.
  4. America is ready to prosper and thrive.

There’s more, but my brain only has so much penetrating power at one time.

Here’s how I look at every situation in which I find myself and find that actions needs to be taken:

  1. What is the situation right now?
  2. What is the desired situation I want to create?
  3. How close/far away am I from creating the ideal situation?
  4. What resources do I have available to me that I can use to create said situation?
  5. What is a reasonable time frame within which I can create/shift circumstances to the desired situation?

I’ve use these filters to make every major decision in my life and it has worked beautifully for me. I’m asking you to temporarily look at Donald Trump through these filters and make a decision as to whether you’ll give him a chance to do what he’s promised or let negative emotions build up inside you and make you sick and drain your energy.


Here’s what we as INDIVIDUALS can do to help make the country the beautifully complex and accepting melting pot that it once was:


  1. Realize that we are all in this TOGETHER. You may live your separate life and I mine, but at the end of the day, we affect each other by our very presence. If my aura radiates contempt and scorn for you because who you may have voted for and we have to work together, then the work environment is going to low-energy and draining to both of us. If Donald Trump can make America into an accepting and powerful nation as he wants to do, then WE ALL benefit. So let’s work together by looking at each other not through the lens of race and prejudice, but judge one another based on his/her deeds and actions. I judge everyone based on their energy; if our energies don’t mesh, then I can guarantee that our relationship won’t progress.
  2. Limit your intake of the news. Whether the mainstream media intends to do this or not, they are causing division between race and gender. People talk about World War 3 like it’s going to be some big nuclear dance, where our nukes dance toward their country and theirs toward our own. Stop and think about this for a moment: Every event has a starting point, no matter how small. Could not World War 3 be precipitated by the “unofficial” race war we are experiencing here in America. Here’s what we can do: SEE color. And appreciate the differences. The differences between our different cultures are the breeding ground for the creation of new and exciting things.
  3. Remember that God is alive and well and watching. It says in the Holy Bible that God chooses the president/heads of state. While the conspiracy theorist in me says that any could have written that bit in there to serve their own purposes, the human part of me has its own evidence to believe that God does exist (at least for me). Isn’t it fair to say that we’ve been led by many presidents, some who have led us to greater heights and some who have stalled our progress or worse, yet we are still here an we’re doing okay? Whatever comes in the next 4-8 years, this country will survive and thrive because we are some tough sums bitches!!!
  4. Look at the man himself – Although he has said some things that have sparked everyone into a tizzy, I ask you to look at him objectively through this lenses: forget for a moment that he is not president nor does he run a big corporation. When you look at him through that lens and just look at the energy he radiates, his personality, does he seem more down-to-earth to you now?
  5. Realize that change takes time. The bigger the changes, the more time they are going to take for us to experience the benefits. This is one of the fundamental laws of reality. We are just cogs in the universal machine, as are systems. When when cog is removed, then the machine slows down or stops, until a new cog can be put in it’s place. The cog then helps the machine run faster or slower. Obviously, the more time one spends fashioning the cog, the better it will support the overall function of the machine. Make sense? Every president comes into the oval office with the intention to insert/ remove cogs for the benefit of the greater good (hopefully).


Pleas keep these suggestions in mind as you plan the next four years of your life. Please remember that both parties have to work together to make America awesome, although in reality, there is only ONE party: The HUMAN party.


In what ways do YOU think we can help unite Americans? Share your comments and insights!


Peace and God Bless,





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