You can literally become any person or animal you want, for the right price #beastmodeisreal

Man transforms self into elf…

So during my daily quest to stay in touch with society so that I can fit in as smoothly as possible, I came across a news story about a guy that paid an obscene amount of money to transform himself into an elf.

Theres a lot going through my mind right now and some of it’s positive and uplifting:

1. We live in times of such chaotic instability that that a person can become a man, woman, or elf anytime they choose. I guess it’s a testament to the progress our race has made in regards to understanding the nature of physical reality. We’ve come quite aways from those “flat earth” days.

2. What’s next? I guarantee you that there will be people that straight up want to become penis-es and vajayjays. Why? Just because they can.

3. I have a great respect for anyone who sees reality as they like it to be and then does what it takes to manifest it. This is what separates the delusional person from the person who can actually see reality and mold it to their will.

I have to be honest though, as part of me worries a smidge about people that go about switching up their gender/race willy nilly: I understand that a person can so completely identifty with others beings to the point where they feel as though they truly are that person/being and I have to wonder if this ease of dissociation from ones own self is the result a clouded sense of self-perception from a early stage of development. What if lizard man or Elf dude decide one day that the made a mistake and want to become human again? Are there any counseling services available for such people?
Part of me wonder how many people have gone through this process realized they made a mistake but because they’re already trapped in this form that they forget their original form and just become what they are?

I’m all for gender fluidity and if a person believes they are supposed to be a different sex and whats wants to create that reality, then who am I to say this person is right or wrong?

We already have people that are species-fluid, like the guy that turned himself into a lizard years ago.

Don’t even get me started on Artificial Intelligence.

A part of me is excited about all the scientific advances we’ve made and all of the possibilities open to humanity for healing, while the grown-up in me is worried because too many options can get a certain type of person in trouble. It’s like being a dog surrounded by new booties to sniff: you’ll go crazy and wear yourself out if you try to sniff them all (not that this will stop anybody from trying).

So remember the next time you find yourself wishing you were someon different: save up some money or take out a loan and make the change.


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