Why the world will never be the same.. and this May be a good thing #hangintherehumanity

The world has Been going crazy for past few decades and it seems to be happening more and more each day. Generally, I don’t let the news into my head and affect my emotions; I’ve been pretty good at building a wall of “don’t give a f$&@” around my spirit. That wall is starting to crumble slowly and this May be a good thing.

With so many violent events ( most seem racially motivated) happening so frequently, I find the people around me becoming more and more impacted, which Iin turn is impacting me because I care about them. This ultimately means that i now have to step forward and do/say something about it.

If you know anything about me, then you know I’m that “woo woo” guy who believes “I am the universe and energy is all there is”, so naturally I have to look at the world through this lenses of energy, so pay attention while I break it down, Buddha-style:

The expression of violence is the result of the build up of fear and anger. Not everyone’s expresses these pent-up emotions like this; some people freeze and become even more scared. At any rate, when you look at the emotions of anger and fear from the viewpoint of the Chinese five rhythms model cosmological makeup of the universe, you will discover that anger and fear are connected with the elements of wood and water, respectively. The designation of fire can also be applied to any passionate emotional reactions, as in crimes of PASSION.

Right now,  it seems as if  this world is engulfed in fire on the energetic level and humanity is responding ( mostly unconsciously) by losing control of their rationality and acting as scared people do.

Another interesting observation is that in the Chinese cosmological model, the rhythm of wood corresponds to anger and Growth.

Now what am I reaching for? Speculation time!!! I feel that the energies of fire, water and wood are flooding the earth and is causing feelings of hatred to bubble up to the surface, to be expressed through violence.

Because fire cleanses, all of the hatred and fear that has been festering in the souls of  humanity is being burned away, unfortunately it seems to be manifesting in seemingly random acts of violence.

So how can we protect one another during this time of transition? Here’s a few suggestions:

1. Pray/mediate on/for peace of spirit and understanding of our fellow man. We all have the capacity to project positive feelings to those around us, but very few use it. By focusing on a time when you felt extremely peaceful in your spirit and carrying that feeling with you as you go about your day, you will have a positive, uplifting effect and most everyone you encounter, even if you never utter a word.

Daily meditation before you leave you home is excellent to still your mind and emotions so that you radiate peace instead of fear. Meditation will help to center your Self within your Self.

2. Notice the feelings of anger and hatred in yourself, if there be any there. By noticing these feelings, you take the first steps to evaporate them before they manifest is less than desirable ways.

3. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you can avoid situations and contexts where there are likely to be violent outbursts I.e. Any place where crowds of people can gather, then avoid them. While we as individuals may have control over our emotions, when a person becomes lost in the crowd, they take on the mind of that group and tend to follow blindly. This is not being fearful; this is taking stock of a situation and taking the safe route.

4. Avoid watching the news. Believe me, you’re not missing anything important whatsoever. Whatever is happening in the world will happen regardless of whether or not you hear about on CNN or MSNBC. While you’re trying to get your daily dose, your mind and body are undergoing a subtle shift and your emotional state changes in the short span of time that it takes to stay abreast of current events.

There will be an end to all of these violent outbursts, because all things have and beginning and an ending, so all we can do is be part of the solution by staying in touch with our God-nature and shining that light to the people we meet.


Amir Campbell

#bepeace #harmnonehelpall




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