Can you tell if you have good cholesterol by your muscle mass?

I was working out this morning with one of my 2nd families and the topic of cholesterol levels came up. More specifically, my buddy Steve mentioned something to the effect of ” I don’t even know my cholesterol levels right now…”.

I thought about that question for a few moments and in that span of time, many thoughts and images flowed past the movie theatre screen in my mind: my time working at a national supplement change, my knowledge of muscles and internal organs,etc. I connected some dots lightning fast and spit out a pseudo answer:

I said: “well, if you don’t know for sure what your exact cholesterol numbers are, then know this: our bodies need high levels of good cholesterol (High Density Lipoproteins) to help you make testosterone, so maybe you can track how good your HDL levels are by the amount of muscle mass you have or have acquired since we’ve been training.”



On the real though, not many people are aware of the fact that you need good cholesterol levels to make testosterone. Now you know, the question is: how can we get achieve great cholesterol levels and get jacked like a baby wolverine? Here’s how:


  1. Get 20-30 minutes of steady state cardio per day, 3-5 if you’re already at a healthy body composition and 6-7 if you’re working to trim down. If you’re trying to maintain your weight and decrease your fat stores, then stay closer to the 20 minute mark. Cardiovascular exercise greatly promotes the breakdown of LDL cholesterol.
  2.  Lift heavy ass weights 2-3 times a week – Heavy resistance training is necessary to getting jacked and swoled up. It doesn’t have to be external resistance like barbells and dumbbells; you can use your bodyweight to get the same effect. You’re prolly wondering how a person can get jacked JUST by doing calisthenics. This leads me to tip # 3:
  3. Eat big to get big – More specifically, you’ll a ton of calories to support your body as you start lifting heavier and more frequently. A simple way to determine exactly how many more calories you need per training day is to:

a. Take your current caloric intake which should based on your BMR (basal metabolic rate). You can use this online BMR calculator here.

b. Once you have your BMR number, Multiply it by these numbers 1 at a time:

.25%, 50% 75% 95%

To give you a picture of how these numbers work, I’ll use my own caloric intake:

My caloric intake (2124) x .25 gives me 531 calories

2124 x .50 = 1062 calories

2124 x .75 = 1593 calories

2124 x .95= 2017 calories

Now, once I’ve gotten those numbers, I can add each one to my current caloric intake and I’ll get a new daily caloric intake. The heavier my training volume, the more calories I consume for that day. For more focused program design, you’d better off consulting with a professional like myself.

Using these guidelines, you can improve your cholesterol AND get JACKED!!!


Amir Campbell


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