Young Men: Why you have to avoid women at all costs!!!

avoid women

Disclaimer: Ladies, I love you and appreciate your presence on the planet. This is not meant to insult you. This is just a man-versation in progress. We love you and respect you for putting up with us!!! There is no us without you!!!


Men, let’s jump in: You want to make success the foremost priority in your life. Women will always be there. They outnumber us 10 zillion to 3. Those are great odds, and this is a signal that there will always be women around. In fact, new women babies are being born every second!!!

Sexual energy is such a powerfully amazing creative force. The ancient romans knew how powerful this force could be; they kept men and women separated so that each could focus on becoming their most masculine and feminine versions of themselves. Even in modern times, Olympians are separated to protect them from each other…

Most people won’t believe me when I tell them this, but I actually was celibate for about 4 years. I didn’t have sex, i just focused on worked, worked out, read every book I could get my hands on, and worked out again, twice. I was the leanest I’d ever been at 190, just all muscle. So there you have it, the key to getting a lean body is to swear off sex… if you dare:)


If you’re in your teens right now, this should become your inner mantra and also your response to date offers:


” I focus on building my empire and I appreciate the offer, but I have to respectfully decline because I have a world to conquer. Thank you though!!”


Here’s a few tips I wish I had a man in my life tell me when I was in my teens:

1. Focus on getting your life just the way you want it. Women will come and go, but the success aura that you create in yourself will remain FOREVER.

2. Attract women from that solid stand point of your own personal success.

3. Let women be the last thing on your mind. I know it can be hard :(, but keep your focus on building your empire and you will attract women from that vantage point.

4.Channel the majority of your sexual energy into creating value and new services.

5. Read, read, read to help your body channel some of that sexual energy upward into your brain. Oneof my all time favorite episodes of Seinfeld is the episode where George Costanza swore off women for a time and noticed that his hunger for sex was replaced with a hunger for learning. What really happening was that he diverted the urge upward into his brain and revved it up, causing it to want to work more and learn more.


george costanza


6. Channel your sexual energy back into your body by exercising your muscles and your heart and lungs.

7. Realize that the more successful you become, the more attractiveness you radiate.

By the way, if you’re looking for some kick ass ways to tap into your inner awesomeness and build the life that you want and attract the women you desire, then grab your copy of my new book Master Keys To Health and Vitality Today!


8. Don’t look to women to tell you how awesome you are, develop your own awesomeness first and women will come to you.

9. Be completely comfortable and accepting of every aspect of yourself, whether positive or negative. You can always fix what you need to fix later.

10. Choose women that understand TRULY that achieving your dreams and becoming successful is your number one priority. These women are the ones that will COMPLETELY SUPPORT you on your journey. You can reward her later with dinner or some stuff:)

11. Respect the beauty of women. Everything that makes a woman a woman, bask in it and thank God he created them. And the get back to work.

12. The irony is that most men (and women tee hee) chase money because they think that women want money. Focusing on chasing money will put you in a energetic position to attract women that are only attracted to the “power” represented by high amounts of money. There are some people with low financial wealth that have some HOT women.

13. Don’t be a dick to women. They smell good and walk nice. Respect!!!

14. Learn to dance with the awesome feminine energy that women radiate by talking about higher concpet topics like the meaning of life, purpose, money, and Religion.

15. Develop yourself and unleash the most awesome version of yourself!

Comment below and let me know if you agree totally or differ somewhat:)



Amir Campbell


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