How to Deal The Stress of Deciding the fate of The United States

The cultural and political atmosphere in the United States Of America is getting hotter with each passing day during this election season. Republicans and Democrats are at each others throats. We are on the verge of a major historical event. For the first time ever, a woman has the chance to become the POTUS. The American People are more focused on race-related issues than ever before. This Elections’ candidates are generating are huge amount of excitement. I’m of the mindset that it will get worse before old systems that aren’t working for us will finally collapse into dust and make way for new systems that will work for everyone or at least, a majority of the people.

I personally was born with the dis/ability to like everyone (some people call it being born a Sagittarius), so I can look at all the candidates and find the positive traits lying there just underneath all the “shade” being thrown upon them.

With so much energy floating in the air and with so many important decisions to make, you take 1 of 2 actions:

You either turn off your television OR turn your television up louder.

However you choose to deal with the excitement of this election “season”, the fact remains that you want to find an effective way to keep your head clear and make sure that you vote the way you TRULY want to vote. Although group psychology affects everyone of us to varying degrees, there are some steps that you can take to make a decision that comes from deep inside of you after you’ve weighed all the evidence and are ready to “deliberate” Here’s a few tips on how to make yoru decision from a clear and unbiased mindset:

  1. Actions speak louder than words –  Put these mental sunglasses on when you’re deciding who you want to vote for. It’s very difficult for a person to mask who they are for a long period of time and eventually their true motives will be revealed through their actions.
  2. Be Cool and Logical – Before you tune into your favorite news outlet, Pretend for a moment that you’ve never heard of any of the candidates. Pretend that they are like a leaf on tree. Become temporarily indifferent to the person and listen to them talk. Remember, good politicians and effective communicators strategically use their words to trigger desired emotions in their listeners. In order to get a clear and unbiased sense of the person you’re listening to you, you have to temporarily become a non-reactive computer. Let the logical side of your brain kick in and give your emotional self a break for a bit.
  3. Realize that your choice may is going to be President for the next 4-8 years.
  4. After you do #3, go do your research! Use that powerful brain and do some digging. This is the reason that Google and Wikipedia exist, people.
  5. If you’re in a pinch, DON’T VOTE. 

Now, I can hear you screaming, ” Hell no, voting is my right and I’m gonna use it!!”

I hear you and respect that and think about this for a minute:

How bad would you feel if the candidate that you supported got elected and sucked really bad? Would you feel responsible because you voted? I don’t know, you tell me.

You wouldn’t be alone: It has been estimated that about 40% of americans don’t vote.

So what do you do after you’ve done your research and analyzed the candidates: vote or don’t vote.

Be aware also that we are the most powerful nation on the planet and as such, when we sneeze, the world readies their hankies and back away from the torrent of germs that may follow shortly after said nasal ejection. With this in your mind, conside the idea that we are those tiny little nose hairs hanging snuggly in the nostrils of America. Do you want your “wiggle” (read: vote) to make us sneeze more often or do you want your vote to keep the peace?


Just KNOW that whatever the outcome of this election will be (God/Buddha/etc only knows right now and maybe Google), this country will NEVER be the same, just like it never is after every election.

The choice is yours. And in case you’re wondering who i’m voting for…..:)



Amir Campbell



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