How to get your best body in 20 minutes a day or less!

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Believe me or not, but it is possible for you to achieve a healthy, fit, lean and mean body in just 20 minutes a day with no stress whatsoever.

In order for you to begin this fun and awesome journey, you need to make a slight shift in your atttitude toward health and fitness.

To make this shift, you must begin thinking in terms of ” How much fun can I have moving my body?” versus “When will my trainnig session end…?!?!?!”.

Another key shift you must make is to take your exercise in chunk size that won’t bore you to tears. If you can comfortably handle physical activity for 10 minutes before you want to break out your ipad, move your body in as many fun ways as possible in that time frame, taking as many breaks as you need. Because you’re an UNIQUE individual, your thresholds for physical activity and sustained concentration abilities are going to differ from mine.

Question yourself and determine: “Do I really feel like I need ot exercise/lose weight/etc?” You may already be in the best shape for your particular life goals and daily goals.

You’ll also want to determine this for yourself: ” Do big muscles really help guys get girls? Do I really need big muscles?” For you guys reading this and thinking that you need big muscles to attract women, you don’t. Women just want to know that you can wear them out, take care of them, and take charge of the situation. Develop these traits and you’ll automatically start to develop a lifestyle that will help you pack on functional muscle!

In regards to ladies and “being ripped”, the vast majority of men want a woman that’s going to take care of our offspring and give us some booty at predetermined times during the week.

In order to achieve the body that you truly want, ride your own natural High Vitality Peaks. These are blocks of time where you energy levels are at their highest, when your mind and body are in complete synch.

Oh yeah, and you want to focus on living your daily life to the fullest. Pursue your goals with the passion of a middle aged wolverine and get it!!


Amir Campbell


PS. Grab your own copy of my new book, Master Keys to Health and Vitality to learn more powerful ways you can use the power of your mind to achieve the body you want!




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