DON’T use these 3 tips to eliminate boredome FOREVER.

Being bored sucks. Have you ever stopped to consider the anatomy of your specific boredom?

When you look at the prominent thought in a person’s head that’s bored, it usually looks/sounds like this:

“Man, I’m so bored, I’ve got nothing to do…”

Ponder this for a moment: what “if” the opposite is true, meaning that what if what you’re really experiencing is this:

“Man, I’m so bored, I’ve got so much I want to do and I don’t know where to start…”

Does that sound like a more empowering way to frame your “boredom”?

The truth is that we all have MANY things that we can do to pass the time. However, we don’t just want to pass time, do we? Don’t you want t opass the time geenating awesome ideas that will inspire the planet and make life easier for everyone, yourself included?

Wouldn’t we rather spend our time creating value for ourselves and consequently , the world at large?

How to cure boredom forever:

  1. Waste your time learning– this habit was a difficultt one for me to break initially, but with logic and consistency, I am finally able to control it. I used to waste time watching old episodes of television shows that I like. Everyday. This may be cool if you’re already a millionaire or doing this is a part of your brainstorming and Idea Incubation strategy, but if not, this habit is holding you back from living your dream life.

When you do the math, the average television show runs about 50 minutes. That’s 50 minutes that you wastes watch that show, especally if you’ve seen it already. Multiply that by the number of tv shows that you watch and you’ll probably be startled. I was.

How did I fix it?

Simple: I made a list of all the skills that I wanted to learn and whenever I felt the urge to waste time by watching some television show I already saw, I googled information on a subject on my list or watched youtube videos on said subject. The result? My income started to increase and I learned so many cool facts. In fact, I learn something new everyday!

When you stop and think about it, every tv show you’ve ever watched is stored in your memory. This literally means that each and everyone of has our our Netflix/Youtube/Hulu/  inside our brains right now!!!

How can you access this awesome brain-stream and ditch your accounts and save some money? That’s a secret for another time:)

The one thing that sucks about watching television too much is that the time you spend foucsed on the events on the screen take up the time you could be using to building new projects to help make yourself some money. They’re there waiting for you to put them on paper; they get sad and they walk away because they don’t get your attention.

Don’t get me wrong, I do watch television. HOWEVER, I save it for a reward. I call it the Treat Principle, For every 3 actions you take to improve your financial situation, reward yourself with a reasonable amount of brain downtime.

Make one of your daily intentions to learn someting new everyday, not just about your field of work, but about EVERYTHING.


2. Understand what your boredom is: On the energetic level, boredom is the result of energy moving slowly, so slow as to seem like it’s not moving at all. But remember: our thoughts generate emotions which generate energy. Using that logic, you’ll agree that exciting thoughts generate exciting energy inside you.

What are the most exciting thoughts you can think? Answer: Your wildest dreams!!! Spending time through the day living in your Perfect Future will help you tune into that excitement lying inside of you.

If you don’t already, you must have your you most important goals written down and kept on you at all times to look at during your day. By doing this, you can pull your desired future to you.


3. Network with old friends – if you have facebook, linkedin, etc, you have access to old buddies you haven’t spoken with in a while. Drop them a simple note saying something like ” Hi, it’s been a while since we’ve talked, but I wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you”. You will be amazed at the number of times that person says that they were thinking of you recently. Telepathy? I think so.


Use these 3 tips to elminate your boredom card forever. Be warned: after that, you will only be able to look forward to a life of unparalleled creativity and awesome income. Sorry:(

For more awsome ways to eliminate bordeom and replace it with excitement and evolution, grab your copy of Master Keys To Health and Vitality today!





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