Our vacation in Colorado: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I recently drove my wife, my 10 month old son, and myself from Rochester, New York to steamboat springs, Colorado. If you’re looking for beautiful places to experience in American, then Steamboat must be on your list. You can learn more about this paradise on earth by clicking here.


The Drive –


Now, I’m a highly optimistic person. This could be due to the fact that I’m a sagittarius or that some scientific research has determined that people who are optimistic heal faster and are more successful ( read: duh!). So naturally, when I mapped out our route from here to there and it said we would be there in 1 day and 1 hour, I instantly imagined that I owuld be able to make it there in one fell swoop, driving non stop until we go there. Boy, was i wrong. Here’s why I was wrong:


  1. I have a freakin’ 10 month old baby. A BABY.
  2. My wife HATES when I drive because she gets motion sickness.
  3.  Compound the 2 factors above by 3 days and you have a recipe for arguments:(


A projected 1 day trip took us 3 days to get there! We spent a good portion of our vacation stressed out, which goes against the law of vacationing. My optimism was waning and waxing like crazy.

We did see some interesting sites and we did get to experience America as truckers do. It was interesting to me that parts of Kansas made use of some clever marekting in order to put a neutral spin on tornados by calling them “Wind currents” :/

During each stop along the way, I was hit hard by the awareness that every place felt “the same”. Whether this is a result of my own attitudes being projected onto each location or whether this is actually the truth, is another matter for contemplation and blogification. I’m inclined to believe that my own energy was the cause of the “feels the same” feeling. That’s something I have to go deep inside of myself and fix.


The destination – when we arrived, we were relieved and thankful for getting there in one piece and not being pulled over. We stayed at Wyndham Resorts, courtesy of my awesome father-in-law.

  • We had a great time sampling the local cuisine and relaxing in the natural hot springs at Strawberry Hill hot springs.
  • We spent sometime hanging out by the pool and playing Marco Polo with my niece and nephew. For literally an Hour.
  • We went down this massive slide called The Howler. I didn’t howl as much as I wanted to:(
  • We tried to teach lil’ big man how to float on his back in the pool, but he was not havin’ it:)



The drive back home – After having been on the road for 3 days, I was determined to make it back home as fast as possible, even if I had to break the laws of nature to do it. Fortunately, I was fueled by caffeine and baby crys, so we made it back home in two days 😐


What would I have done differently to prepare? I would have bought everyone plane tickets and flown our asses down there:) I did learn alot about myself and did get a chance to bond with my wife over an audio book called “The Liar” By Nora Roberts. I actually liked this book! The woman doing the voice acting was talented and energetic.

If I had to drive again, I would take the crossing of time zones into consideration on the way there and on the way back. They can really throw off your circadian rhythms and mess with your sleep and performance.


All in all, it was a eye opening experience and filled my mind with thoughts of actually living in Colorado. I’ll go into depth in the next blog post:)







PS. Have you reaped the benefits of owning your own copy of my book, Master Keys To Health and vitality yet? If not, stop missing out and start making awesome gains in your relationships, health and finances.



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