How to create a new life from the ashes of your old one.

Ever feel like you life was just falling apart, piece by piece?

I’ve been there many times, and over the years, I’ve learned to reframe “falling apart” into a positive, more empowering light.

I prefer the term ” coming to an end”. Wait, how’s that make your “falling to pieces” life seem more empowered. Here’s how I look at it:

Every single phenomenon in life has a starting point and an end point. Companies start and then go out of business “suddenly” one day. Your new car becomes an old car some years down the line, until you scrap it or sell it. However, once you sell it, doesn’t become the start of a driver’s new life with a car? Stop and think about it for moment.

Let’s jump back to our lives:  I believe that every system in our lives is powered by us and our motivations to keep it running. We are the heart of our lives. The various activities are essentially our limbs, or more appropriately, extensions of our selves. They live as we live. We keep them going by continuously injecting our life energy into them.

When we find ourselves in a messy emotional state, our outward phsyical reality tends to become messy. It’s like we send out emotional waves that cause ripples depending on the natureo of emotional state. This is what the old buddhist guys meant when the said ” the world is your mirror”.

Iin some ways, each one of us lives in our own personal stock market. We have ups, downs, everything stays level, etc. The only difference between our own personal stock market and the outer stock market is that instead of having to predict the behavior of masses of people to predict what companies, and ultimately stock prices, will do, we only have to figure out what attitudes are driving our own actions, so buying stock in our own life becomes a little less stressful. We have to change ourselves to change the world.


Let those things that you’re pumping your energy into that aren’t giving you any returns, whether fianncially or emotionally, dry up and fall to the way side. A really good book by Dave Pelzner called “Moving Forward: Taking the Lead in your life” is a great book to have in your library to refer to when you want some external motivation to let go and move forward.



Amir Campbell


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