You won’t achieve your optimal life until you develop this quality.

Remember when you started working out, how at first you struggled to do 2 sets of 20 bodyweight squats (air squats) whereas now you can easily do 5 reps of 100 pound barbell front squats no problem whatsoever?

Your 20 rep AS (air squat) self would have scoffed at your front squat self, shaking it’s head.But, because you gradually increased your strength and endurance and WILLPOWER, you’re easily able to bust those Barbell front squats out no problem.

What do this have to do with success?

Each success you achieve increases your willpower, endurance, and stamina so that you can go on to achieve even greater successes, which of course set you up to build even more willpower, etc. It’s an Auspicious Cycle!!!

The other connection between growing progressively stronger and success is developing a “tough skin”.

Having a tough skin is the result of your spirit processing your success and “failures”, discovering what you did wrong and what you did right, and developing the ability to be prepared for the next challenge armed with your sword of knowledge and armor of anticipation.

If you want to read an empowering story about how a tough skin can save your life, read the book “Survivors: True stories of children in the Holocaust”. It’s a tough read but as you read each story, you will be inspired by the spiritual strength of these children.

Building a tough skin helps you to deal with all the ups and downs you’ll experience on your journey to achieving your own perfect life. Think of your tough skin as a rain coat that allows the rains of life to effortlessly slide off of you so you can keep on keepin’ on to your warm, dry destination.

Imagine all your wins and not-so-wins as tiny little helpers that you can access at anytime to glean powerful wisdom and insight to help you complete your life’s ambitions.

If you want some very powerful technologies that you can learn and use immediately to develop a tough skin that allows the rainwaters of life to harmlessly bounce off your spirit, buy your copy of my new book, “Master Keys To Health And Vitality” right now through amazon by clicking the blue link above.

Best to you,

Amir Campbell


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