The Top Ways To Become Wealthy

Wealth: We all want it, whether it be in the form of jewels, dollars, or material possessions. Some people want millions of friends. The bottom line is this: Wealth means two totally different things to me and you. My moomey always says that ” Health is the greatest wealth”. I never really understood that some years ago when I found myself working my ass off, working for 3 different employers, once of them being myself. I was grinding to help put away some money so that my wife, Nurse Mommey,  could stay home with our newborn son as long as possible before going back to work. It was during those 9 months where I daily began to appreciate more and more moomey’s words of wisdom. If  wasn’t eating right or getting the right amount of exercises, I wouldn’t have been able to thrive waking up at 4 in the morning and working until 10pm, sometimes 11pm.

But HOW do we become wealthy? It’s a question I ask myself multiple times a day, and I’m sure it’s on the minds of most people on this planet right now.

I’m of the opinion that when we have developed as many awesome character traits as we can, then we will have the ability to generate all the wealth we want. My mother has another saying:

Manners will take you around the world. What does that mean? I interpret it thusly: Having basic human respect for people, no matter who they are or what their “Social status” may be, will open you up to a whole new world of social connections and opportunities. Being respectful and kind to your fellow-man leaves an impression on those people of the receiving end of our kindness energies and they respond in kind. Manners are the universal spiritual currency that allows you to buy whatever you want, in a round about manner (pun intended, tee hee hee!!)

All to often we want to have our bank accounts bursting with money. Why: Because the resulting feeling you get from that is freedom. Imagine waking up and seeing that you had 1 million dollars in your checking account available to spend anyway you choose? Wouldn’t you feel like a heavy burden was lifted off of your spirit?

When you really stop and think about it, everything we do is for the sole purpose to obtain some feeling or state of being. Then there are people who say that you can’t be materially rich unless you already feel rich and to most of us, that doesn’t make any sense? That’s like telling a marine to feel safe when they the house they’re pinned in under heavy gunfire is falling apart around them. Or is it weird?

I have a buddy whose US marine, retired (But can a marine ever TRULY be retired? I don’t think so). He helped me prepare for the running portion of the Rochester Police Department physical agility test. Now mind you, I’m a personal trainer, but if you want me to die a slow agonizing death, sentence me to a long ass run ( 2 miles of more). Because I’m built bigger, I’m more shaped for short sprints, done multiple times until puke tries to escape my body. With his help, I grew to not dislike long distance running as much. During our training, he shared a very cool story with me:

One time while on tour with his marine buddies, they happened upon a village that appeared to be deserted. Long story short: it was a trap and they suddenly found themselves pinned under heavy fire, facing what could have been imminent death. Here comes the strange part:

He said that all of a sudden, his buddy began to laugh, which laughter infected another of his comrades, which spread to him and before you knew it, they were all LAUGHING their asses off while bullets burst the ceiling and threatened to tear them to pieces. He said that they were laughing because they thought that this was it; this is how we’re going to die. Their story didn’t end there though: one of their supporting units came in, kicked ass, and saved them.

I think that their laughter activated their relaxation response, which in turn allowed them to attract positive and uplifting forces, which manifested as safety and rescue.

Wealthy people are those people that follow their passions and work daily to evolve and grow them. There’s a saying that you can’t become rich by working for other people and to a degree, that belief is correct: No matter what you’re doing, you’re always going to be selling something to other people. The only difference between working somewhere you don’t like and working somewhere and doing something you truly enjoy is the enjoyment level.

Speaking of wealthy people, don’t allow yourself to be fooled into believing everything you see on television. Furthermore, don’t compare yourself to people like Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian. Sure, they’re wealthy, but they worked hard to achieve that wealth ( some would disagree with me and that’s ok). All the fancy yachts and boats are an expression of that person’s self-love and feeling of wealth. In other words, money doesn’t make you feel wealthy; being wealthy makes you feel wealthy. Can you understand the difference? Wealth is created and attracted from the inside out, so to speak.

Turning back to money for a bit: Is it possible that in order to become wealthy, all you have to do is find a way to feel wealthy?

In David Hawkins awesome book, Power Vs. Force, he makes a statement that reverberated deep inside me all those years ago and it’s one of the principles upon which I live my daily life:

You attract what you emanate.

Radiate respect and kindness to everyone and you get respect and kindness radiated back to you.

Can you remember a time when you were in desperate need of money and you didn’t know where it was going to come from? Can you remember the feeling that you had inside of you? Didn’t it almost seem like you were sending out a distress beacon to God and the universe? Were you surprised to discover that “miraculously”, you came across the money you needed to take care of business either as a lump sum or in the form of unexpected work becoming available to you? I’ve had this occur to me more times than I can count and the more I live, the more I believe that radiating hopefulness, happiness, and contentment is one key to attracting positive and uplifting circumstances.

So what does all this have to do with attracting all the wealth and abundance you want?

Here’s how we can do that:

  1. In order to receive, you should be giving. Giving in a way that’s meaningful for YOU is the best and most natural way to do that. Giving can mean giving with your whole heart and spirit in your profession. For more ways on how to give back to raise the energy of this planet, check out my post here.
  2. Know exactly what you want and talk about it ALL THE TIME – This is one habit that I’ve adopted for some decades now and it works without fail. Always be talking about what it is that you want. This simple act not only keeps it to the forefront of your mind and thus make it a constant projection/prayer/ but someone may hear you and may be able to help you accomplish your goals.Growing up in a Caribbean family, we were always taught that you should never disclose your plans for success with anyone, because those people could be projecting negative energy either directly or indirectly to interfere with the fruition of your goals. While this attitude/axiom gives a degree of power to other people over your own life, it is partly true: A critic in your life can rain on your optimism and put it down for days, if not more, if you’re not strongly connected to your goal and surrounding yourself with positive beliefs in your capability to get it done.
  3. Determine how much money you want to make each year, then each week. This switching from big picture thinking to smaller picture thinking gives you the ability to make detailed plans as to how to build your own fortune.  In addition, having this focus activates your RAS (Reticular Activating System), which helps you narrow your focus to doing what you need to do to build your fortune.
  4. Always start your day in silent quietude EVERY MORNING. Whether you wake at 4am or 4pm, take a few minutes to focus your mind on your goals for the day and ground yourself to the present moment. With closed eyes, your thinking processes are enhanced because of the alpha brainwaves you’re producing, so you can work on many different projects mentally in a short period of time. In fact, it’s a very wise idea to take time to focus and center many times throughout your day.
  5. Radiate gratitude in the present moment – by being thankful for what you have RIGHT NOW, you begin to attract more gratitude energy to yourself. Gratitude is an important spiritual quality to cultivate and express because it gives us the ability to sustain and maintain the environments we choose. Practice being grateful by making a list of all the material items that you have right now and have access to. You’ll be amazed to realize that you have so much. Practice this daily and it will become automatic to the point where you only need to think about all the material items you have to feel grateful. In addition, do a “spiritual inventory” on yourself and notice all of the good characteristics that you have now. Gratitude is positive reinforcement.
  6. Follow ALL of your passions – because growth, expansion, and expression are all parts of being wealthy, in order to feel wealthy and BE wealth, you need to follow all of your passions. Whether you collect brazilian ABC gum or you like to collect old books on farming, fully express that passion. Some the wealthiest people on the planet are those men and women who allowed themselves to express their passions, which they then shared with the world.
  7. Monetize your passion – This is a tough concept for some people to grasp and as soon as you fully allow yourself to accept it and live it, you will see your wealth grow everyday. “Do what you love and the money will follow” is an incomplete axiom and needs to be updated. What is more accurate is this: ” Do what you love and monetize what you love, and the money will follow”.
  8. Stay Healthy and vibrant – Being healthy is crucial to building and maintaining wealth, especially if you own your own business. As I mention in a previous post, staying healthy and vibrant allows you to follow up on more opportunities that someone who isn’t as healthy and vibrant. In addition, you want to be rich and be able to enjoy your wealth, don’t you? Moomey says that Water is the staff of life, and she couldn’t be anymore correct. Along with drinking clean water regularly, make sure that you’re eating tot live, not the other way around. Most of the food that you eat should be for the purpose of fueling you up so you can keep driving forward towards what you want. Keep in mind that having excess vitality is also a form of wealth that will allow you to attract people into your life much easier.
  9. Spend Less than You earn – Let’s face it: sometimes our money wants to burn a hole in our pockets. Money is basically a form of energy, and energy wants to move. More specifically, money gives you options, which causes you to want to take those options. It’s like a cute little puppy that wants to run all over and pee on anything in sight; you are the master, so exercise your authority over it. One way to do this is to spend less than you earn. This is simple, but powerful advice. Spending less than you make is one of many ways to build your net worth and become financially wealthy. In order to achieve this, create a Spending plan for the various areas of your life. For instance, have a set amount to spend on food, entertainment, utilities, etc. This will allow you to spend only what’s necessary. You’ll want to develop a spending plan for investing as well.
  10. Decide to feel abundant – You’re probably saying that this is easier said than done in your mind right now, and I’ll say to you that it’s easier than you think. By mentally rehearsing yourself feeling wealthy, you will actually feel the feeling. Imagine yourself in various scenarios where you enjoy the types of wealth that mean something to YOU. Imagine yourself having 5 million dollars in your checking account, ready for you to use it wisely. How awesome does that feel?
  11. Make as many connections humanly possibly, while staying true to your higher values – Never ever ever ever ever think that you’re too good to connect with someone or that you have nothing to offer. Both are false and defeating beliefs on that path to personal wealth. Because life is so awesome, someone that you connected with 5 years ago may suddenly call you out of the blue, all because you gave them a little piece of advice that may have enhanced the quality of their lives.
  12. Don’t be afraid to burn bridges – this may seem to contradict the above tip, but here me out before you throw shade at me: Sometimes we don’t burn bridges because like to have a backup plan. Having backup plans are fine, but building too many back up plans takes your focus away from building your future. I’m not saying that you should take a dump in your own hand and smear it on your bosses desk while he’s eating lunch and then tell you quit (as if he could have figured it out from those antics). By building clear plans, acknowledging ALL of your resources, and taking consistent actions to move forward, you can decide which connects need to be severed and no longer serve you. A remarkable thing happens when you start to clear your life of useless connections; your sense of your own personal power and resourcefulness grow tremendously. You’ll grow more confident and radiate that confidence to the entire world. More and more opportunities begin to open up to you, opportunities that you might not have been “eligible” for before. God likes balance. Clear the garbage from your life and you will make room for more awesome opportunities. Nature hates a vacuum, so be sure that the tiny vacuums in your life will be filled. Initially, when you start to do this, you’re going to feel a sense of uneasiness and fear. It’s totally natural, your body thinks you intentionally trying to drown yourself and can’t understand why. Ignore it and keep going and remember this:



You’ll never be rich unless you learn to take calculated risks. Period.

13. There’s no such as failure, only feedback – Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. You can blame physics and the laws of the universe for that. However, when you building your financial empire and things go awry, that is the perfect time analyse what worked for and what didn’t. Life is a characterized by a series of ups and downs, high points of activity and then low points that seem like complete stoppage, but’s it just an illusion. The low activity points are opportunities for you to digest all of the chaos of the past high activity block of time and grow smarter and stronger. We don’t fail; we just don’t always get it completely right on the first go. If you quit, then you fail.

14. Have Fun!! – On your journey to becoming wealthier, always keep this thought on the walls of your mind – if you “f@#$ up”, so what? You can always dust yourself off and give it another go. Many millionaires have been bankrupt or “in the red” multiple times, but they bounce back. Also, what’s the worst that can happen? If there’s no chance of you dying, then take a chance.

Did you like this rant? Good, then share it with everybody you know!!!

While you’re at it, if you want to increase your health and vitality and increase your personal power dramatically, then grab a copy of my new book, Master Keys to Health and Vitality today.


Amir Campbell


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