How to become unstoppable, or what Conan The Barbarian taught me about determination.

You’ve probably realized this by now, but I’m a HUGE movie buff. I grew up in a home where we were fortunate to have cable television, so I spent most of my youthful days being lost in the many different realities of television land. I remember being babysat by my grandmother and watching Charles in Charge, The Andy Griffith Show, 21 Jump street and so much more. My childhood contrasts greatly with my wife, who grew up “in the country”, and so spent a bunch of time outdoors. It’s sad because she’s never even seen Monster Squad, license to Drive (Corey Haim and Corey Feldman), Or Lil’Monsters ( Fred Savage and Howie Mandel). I remember that and eating tons of boiled hot dogs and hardboiled eggs. I hated them, but my cousin LOVED them 😦

One of my all time favorite movies is Conan The Barbarian (Arnold Schwarzenegger). While there are many scenes that make the movie memorable for me, the one scene that flashes in my mind from time to time when I’m working on a project and I feel like I want to take a pause is the scene where he’s on the wheel of pain.

Basically, Conan and all the other children from his village that were captured in a raid ( You’ll have to watch the movie to see what I’m talking about) are forced to push this big wheel around in a circle. They never explain why the hell they have them doing this, but nonetheless, it’s hot and it sucks.

These children are pushing this wheel around and as the scene progresses, you notice that there are less and less children pushing this thing; they’re either dying off, escaped from bondage,  or they got moved onto some other slave labor.

The camera zooms in on one child now who grows up to be a jacked ass adult with awesome luxurious hairs: Conan!!! And he’s still pushing the freaking wheel like a boss!!! The look that he gives the camera is powerful and piercing. I can guarantee you that Arnold tapped into some deep resources of painful memories and triumph from his own life to make that scene so memorable.

This scene is so powerful because of not only what it represents ( unrelenting will to keep moving forward despite your circumstances), but also because of the powerful music playing in the background. It’s a deep, powerful, pulsing piece that seems to almost fill Conan up with life and drive and pushes him to Keep Going, or looking at it from another powerful perspective, Conan’s spirit itself empowers the piece. Either way it’s EPIC.

Check out my youtube video here where I share some simple tips that you can use right now to instantly become stronger in spirit and consequently, your body.

While willpower is awesome, it’s not enough to accomplish our goals. That type of willpower, to me, smacks of anaerobic exercise, or more specifically, holding your breath, bracing yourself and just keep moving forward. This type of willpower is fine, but it’s not sustainable. Just like doing pushups, no matter how many you can do in a row, you will eventually have to stop and take a breather. It’s temporary and like a battery, it needs to be recharged again and again. Don;t you find it interesting that traditional chinese medicine associates the kidneys with willpower, and that the kidneys are right underneath the adrenal glands, which govern the fight or flight reflex? Hmmmm…. I wonder what the conenction there might be…. Hmmmmm……

We need reasons to move away from the life we don’t want; we need reasons to move toward the lives we do want. We need vitality and health that will give us a reserve of strength when we need it.

With these two powerful psychic forces effortlessly driving us along, we can save our willpower for bigger, more challenging projects, like skydiving, starting your own business, or asking that special someone out on a date;)

When you grab your copy of my new book, Master Keys to Health And Vitality, you’ll learn how to create powerful propulsion systems inside your own neurology that will help you almost effortlessly achieve your goals and outcomes. Learn how to unleash your inner Conan the Barbarian today.




Amir Campbell


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