Are you missing out on the health benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps?

I was introduced to these salt lamps a few years ago. I was looking for a way to create that feeling that you get after a heavy thunderstorm in our house. While I didn’t quite manage that, I did manage to help create an atmosphere for my family that promotes health and rejuvenation.

Along with Full Spectrum lighting, which I used with great success to counter some minor SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder, which I diagnosed myself with, smh…), I managed to find a winning combination.

The benefits of Himalayan Salt are touted all over the internet, so I won’t go into them here, but I will talk about the Himalayan Salt lamp.

One of the main benefits of the salt lamp come from its ability to produce negative ions. Negative ions are found in abundance in places where you find lots of running or moving water, like waterfalls and near the ocean. It’s one of the reasons why you feel so refreshed even after you’ve just played a day away by these bodies of water. After watching so many vampire movies and reading so much as a kid, I’m starting to see why running water would be a deterrent against Dracula and his Soul brotha Counterpart, Blacula.

So you’re probably wondering about positive ions. Well, positively charged ions are usually carbon dioxide molecules that have been stripped of an ion. Positive ions in themselves aren’t bad. Like anything in life, excess is the problem.

The problem with positive ions is that are generated by anything produces an electromagnetic field, like our televisions and radios. Excess positive ions in your environment can also cause things like a lapse in concentration. Maybe this is what our elders mean when they say that television will rot our brains?

I’ve been have watching television for a lot of many years and me am fine (in my Bizarro voice)…

We have one salt lamp in our house at the moment and we love it. We keep it in our son’s nursery because we feel like he needs it more than us, and that we need his ass to sleep.

I pretty sure there are a few variables that contribute to him falling asleep easily and staying asleep for a few hours:

  1. The soft pink glow coming from the salt lamp. In color therapy circles, pink is a powerfully healing color. It’s even purported to help plump up your skin. Ladies, if this ain’t reason enough to run out and get one right now, then what is?!?!?!
  2. This is pertaining to glow: Maybe he’s experiencing some sort of self-induced hypnosis by gazing at the light. Hypnotists are known to induce trance states in their clients by having them gaze at a sufficiently bright object as they walk them through physical and mental relaxation scripts. Mind you, this one 1 of literally thousands of induction techniques they use.
  3.  Points 1 and 2 above are possibly combined to create a powerful anchor which gets triggered as he’s laying in the same spot in the same way every night.
  4. Maybe mommy and daddy’s attitude about the salt lamp is affecting his own energy which is changing his attitude about the lamp?


Like most things in life, experience is the best teacher. Our subjective reality is all that matters, right?

Anyhoo… you now know that excess positive ions are bad and negative ions are good… what’re you gonna do about it. Do you throw all your televisions and radios out and live a purely Amish lifestyle? Let me know? I personally would love that and I don’t see why everyone is afraid of some world-wide power shut down. It just means that you get back to nature and we have to find new ways to bore ourselves:)

Who knows exactly, but I do know this: I love that lamp and have been so tempted to lick it… but I cannot, because my wife would kick my ass.

Here’s something for you to chew on: In a recent post, I mentioned one of my all time favorite books, The intention experiment, and wouldn’t you know that research has shown that excess positive ions create an atmosphere antagonistic to manifesting your dreams. Just a little food for your thoughts…




Amir Campbell


Ps. For awesome ways to hypnotize your baby to sleep, grab your copy of my new book, “Master Keys To health And Vitality” right now;)


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