The Top Best Ways To give back the world.

This post is going to be extremely “woo-woo” so please be advised, but also please make room in your mind to be open to the possibility that this world is more magical and exciting than you may think:)

So you can’t yet actually fly overseas to do missionary work (but then again, why can’t you right now?)

If you’ve been reading this blog and watching my youtube videos, by now you’ve realized that I truly believe that we all radiate energy every second of everyday, and that by changing the way the way we think, we can attract to us the circumstances we really desire.

I also believe that when you do consistent work to improve yourself, you also improve and raise the energy field of the planet. We are all literally drops of water in the big bucket of the universe. One high vibrating molecule will affect the energy vibration of all the molecules around.

Here’s a few simple thing that I do to help give back in my own simple way:


  1.  Say a prayer for the world at Large – There have been some pretty interesting studies that have shown that groups of people meditating on the concept of peace at the same time have influenced crime rates in areas close by. This type of research has some powerful implications for the future of peace on this planet. There’s a really cool book I love called The Intention Experiment.

One thing that my wife and I do is Say a prayer for peace for different parts of the world that need it. Working on the premise that we are all connected, our positive prayers should have some impact on the people who need it.

Another habit that I’ve adopted is to get Grounded and Centered before I leave my house, on the premise that my centered energy state will have a positive influence on the people I encounter, which state will in turn propagate and expand out. How’s that for increasing your circle of influence?!?!?!


2. Say thank you to someone – If there’s someone in your life that’s helped you in any way, whether they’re alive or passed on, say thank you to them. This can be a verbal thank you or a written thank you. Obviously, being human beings, we like to hear words, so say thank you OUT LOUD whenever you can.

Saying thank you is another way of showing gratitude, and gratitude is a powerful form of energy that keeps us healthy and protects us when things get rough.

Think about how good you feel when someone says thank you to you.

Search the corridors of your mind and your received mail and see how many people’s day you can make!


3. Sign petitions that are meaningful for you – I’ve recently been turn on to this website called Basically, this website allows people to champion a cause that means something to them. The causes range from saving lions to helping people pay for medical bills. The website is comprehensive and there are lots of causes to choose from.


4. Help an elderly person in your neighborhood. – You may not be aware of this, but there are elderly people in your neighborhood right now that are lonely and need human comfort and connection.

Elderly people are a bottomless well of wisdom, able to look back at life from an experienced position.

Find that elderly person in your neighborhood and connect with them. Say Hi. Shovel their driveway. Cut their grass. Hold doors open for them. Share your energy with them.


5. Hold a fundraiser – This one connects to number 3, but it requires you to do some foot work. Some years ago, my wife and I held a small fundraiser for a non-profit called Full Circle Home. This non-profit was created to help send beauty packages from soldiers to their wives back home. It’s pretty awesome.

We got a small table and asked permission to set it up in front of a small grocery store. We did pretty good.


What are some ways that you like to give back? Share ’em!!


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