The top 10 most powerful books that will change your life forever.

I’ve always loved books ( which is one of the reasons I wrote Master Keys to Health and Vitality), and I think partly because they forever changed the course of my life, according to my dear sweet moomey. She says that basically, I didn’t start reading until I was like 5 0r 6, and just when she made the decision to have me checked out to see if I was “okay”, I picked up a book and started reading it clearly and perfectly. Who knows, I could have been Hannibal Lecter or something had I not picked up that Book….

When I’m not making cool youtube videos, I’m working out, father-ing, husband-ing, and reading. I eat food as well.


Anyway, I personally love reading because it allows you to actually read the mind of the person writing the book. Think about it: that person took their precious time to put the thoughts and beliefs that are inside their heads onto paper so that the entire world can benefit from them. If Albert Einstein or Leonardo Davinci didn’t take the time to do that, who knows where our society would be right now? ( that’s rhetorical question peeps, so don’t bust your brain looking for a definitive answer.. I need you to keep reading on please…:)

There is nothing that I like to do better to recharge myself is to curl up next to my wife (if she’s there), grab a cup of green tea, grabbing my wooby, lock my son in his baby prison aka his Pack and Play and make sure that he’s content, read a couple of lines from some really awesome books. I’m always amazed that I can glean something new from these books I’ve read dozens of times before.

Another reason why I love reading – and why you should too now – is because it allows you to get a glimpse of the world without ever leaving your room. I remember reading a really awesome quote about 10 years ago that stuck with me to this day:

“Think not that all knowledge is in your school.”



You’ll find below a list of the books that have changed the course of my life forever, and you’ll find that when you read them and apply the information therein, your life will be changed as well.


Warning: If you don’t want to change your life in the way you want it, Don’t buy these books:


  1. Succeed and Grow rich through Persuasion, By Napoleon Hill and E. Harold Keown – You may recognize the name Napoleon Hill as the author of “Think and Grow Rich“, which is another powerful book that everyone should have on their bookshelves or kindles.

Although the title maybe a little misleading, it is totally correct in one sense: We do have the power to grow rich through persuading OURSELVES, which in turn will persuade the people around us.

I love that the author points out that many men and women didn’t start to become truly successful until they were well into their 50’s. I don’t know about you, but I ain’t waitin’ that long!!! Still, it does offer comfort and insight to people of all ages, showing us that we can be successful starting from where we find ourselves right now.

This book changed my life because among other things, it ( and Think and grow…) taught me how to analyze myself for “areas of improvement” ( I like his reframing of the common term “weakness”, as I find AOI to be more empowering, don’t you?) and how to transmute them into positive character traits to empower you to achieve success.

This book is a Must-have for anyone who wants to go wherever they want to go.


2. Taming your Mind, By Ken Keyes, Jr. –

This awesome book taught me how to clearly express myself verbally and as a byproduct, write much more effectively to get my point across. Another majorly powerful this book helped me think better was to think in terms of degrees and not solely in “black and white”. we live in a vast world with literally billions of people, so black and white thinking is inefficient and even detrimental.

This book also caused me to actually understand the definitions of the words we use in daily life and to make sure I’m applying them in the proper context. Like the word “prejudice”, which basically means to pre-judge a person, place or thing before you have a direct experience with it. Up until I read that book, I thought it was only applied to race, when in fact, it is only most commonly applied to race.

This book helped me to see that I still have so much to unlearn:)



3. The unfettered Mind: writings from a zen master to a Master Swordsman, By Takuan Soho –

I’ve always been fascinated with the martial arts, and my passion for them really began to explode when Bloodsport (With Jean Claude Van Damme) first came out back in the 80’s. I remember flying around my sister’s house, drop kicking imaginary Chong li’s until she kicked my ass:(

This book is a compilation of letters sent back and forth between a Zen Master and A swordsman, with the intent of the zen master to help the swordsman become a better fighter.

I’ve always been fascinated with the myths and legends attributed to Samurai and Ninja, and I have to imagine that man of the supernatural abilities projected upon them were the result of their rigorous mental and physical training. It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to develop those abilities without a clear mind that can distinguish illusion from reality and “turn on a dime”, so to speak.


This book really helped me understand the nature of focus and concentration. It has helped me to keep my mind fluid and not-stopping. It helped me to take my mind and use it as it was meant to be used, to help myself and others.


4. Ki: A road that anyone can walk, by William Reed

I originally bought this book in the hopes that it would teach me how to throw fireballs like Ryu from the popular Street Fighter Video game franchise. It didn’t:( I did however learn some very cool things about the life force called Ki, so I guess it’s ok;).

This is one of the books that I’ve read in my life that spark my interest in the power fo the human hand to help heal our fellow man. In particular, it gives you some really cool techniques on Kiatsu, the art of using your Ki to help heal illness of yourself and others. It’s also one of those books that sparked my interest in the underlying energy interactions we experience in daily life. It really helped me to control my own energy and as a result, experience better relationships and better health.

5. Revitalize your life, By Jack Lalanne –

Ok, The only reason I purchased this book was because I, like Jack, wanted to swim across a bay with 90 boats tied to my neck on my 50th birthday… How freakin’ awesome is it that a man can do that?!?!?!

Jack Lalanne was the model for health and fitness. He ate clean, he knew the basics of periodization, and he shared his passion with the world. He is one of the main reasons that I wanted to become a personal trainer.

This particular book is awesome for two reasons:

1) It gives you basic exercises you can do anywhere with little to equipment.

2) It’s a book that you can use when you’re older, as I plan to in my mission to stay fit and vital.

My belief is that you can have a complete and powerful few decades of the golden years when you prepare for them now.



6. Power vs. Force, by David R. Hawkins –

I remember reading this book when I was 25 and having my mind completely blown. This is the book that really helped me switch my focus from living a life by default to living a life of design, from constantly pushing to relaxing and going with the flow. What really stuck with me all these years was the idea of Attractor Fields. Attractor fields are the invisible, subtle energy fields that help us manifest what we want. The more powerful the original Attractor field ( the more helpful it will be to society) the faster the desired outcome comes into physical reality. Hawkins posits that these attractor fields are the building blocks of physical reality.

Like all models, it’s either effective or not effective. I find looking at life from this perspective very empowering. You can actually look back at your life and see what types of Attractor Fields may have been at the root of certain circumstances. Once you can determine what they are, you can change them in the future so you attract the circumstances you truly want. It is a powerful book.

He talks about how these fields influence human behavior and health.

Another reason this book changed the way I see life is that it introduced me to Muscle Testing. Some people call it energy testing, but essentially, with muscle testing, you can actually see the effect that the various substances that we eat or the music we listen to has on or bodies and nervous system.

I could write an entire 10,000 blog post on this one book, so if you really want to experience life from a point of creating versus settling, you have to get this book today.


7. Zero to One, By Peter Thiel –

For those of you that don’t know Peter Thiel, He along with Elon Musk ( Solar City) and Max Levchin created Paypal and then sold it for a bunch of money, pretty much.

As with everything I read, I always ask myself “If I could use this information in my daily life, how would I?” Thiel’s book has helped me look at the world of business and social interaction in a very reductionist perspective, looking at life from the building blocks first. In that respect, it reminds me of Power vs. Force (see above).

Thiel is a professor, so be prepared to be school on economics. A very good book to have in your library to come back to every now and then as you apply the information and get feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

Thiel’s book forces you to think and to create new products and services rather than taking the same old processes and adding thing to them.


8. The Harvard Classics: Plato, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius

This book is a GOLDMINE of classic wisdom and knowledge, coming the mouths of some the most influential men in history. These are their actual words open to you to read and absorb. I was very lucky to find my copy at a library book sale about 5 years ago and It’s one of those books that I keep close and refer to it when I want some answers on certain projects, etc.

The most awesome knowledge I’ve gleaned from this classic has to be from the emperor Marcus Aurelius. He, along with Epictetus ( Plato not so much) give some valuable gems on daily living that you can apply to your life. Plato’s section in the basic is pretty heavy and requires some thinking to really get what he’s saying ( he’s giving his view on the creation of the world and existence, so you gotta expect that). If you’re a mental type and like to think heavily on things, then his works will be perfect for you. Overall, an awesome book and resource.


9. Building A character, By Constantin Stanislovski –

You’re probably wondering why the hell a book on Acting made my list. Here’s why: there was a brief period of time in my life where I considered a career in acting. Mind you, this was before my wife gave birth to our son. I’ve always been a creative type and don’t like jobs where I’d be stuck in a 9-5 continuum UNLESS I can do whatever the hell I want.

During that phase of my life ( which lasted like, 7 months), I did background acting and got lucky enough to work in the background as a background car in The Amazing Spiderman 2 and Best Man Holiday, both of which I *might have* been in if you look very closely somewhere…

During that time, I got acquainted with Stanislov’s books as a means of preparing myself to actually act (going on auditions, reading with other actors, etc). Being who I am, I’m fascinated by the little nuances that pervade daily interactions. Let me say this:

These books are INCREDIBLE if you want to build your character the way you want it. At the end of the day, we are all characters, cleverly crafted or not. We essentially project these characters, whether consciously or unconsciously. But, we do have the power to re-create ourselves day by day.

The biggest thing that got me hooked on Stansilov’s books is the fact that he is solely focused on the energy of interactions and how you can control your own energy to change the interaction between yourself and another person.


10. The Holy Bible

I always try to avoid explaining things to which I don’t have the answers, and this goes triple time for the bible. At the end of the day, in my book (Pun definitely intended), if you put good energy out, give kinds words, and do your best to help uplift the vibration of this planet, then you’re alright in my book:)

I don’t think I need to explain what this bible is, but I will say that the word bible means “Collection of books”. This collection of books has helped me throughout my life in untold ways. It helps me put things in perspective when I need them and it helps me on my quest to understand God.

When I first started reading through it, it was confusing and kinda scary. Word to the wise: DO NOT READ REVELATIONS AT NIGHT. You will have nightmares, or won’t be able to sleep, like I did:(


There many different translations out there, and I favor those that have been thoroughly translated. Yeah, there’s some theories out there that freemasons have translated the book so that they can have more power over humanity. Again, I’m not writing to get into that.

My Favorite books from the bible are any work by the apostles, the psalms, and proverbs. I love proverbs the most because and although the origin of the book isn’t exactly known, it’s practical knowledge that I apply daily. The most influential piece of wisdom i’ve taken from the book is this:


Get thee wisdom and understanding at all costs.

Honorable mentions:

  1. The Dhammapada – This is a book of buddhist philosophy and I like it because it talks about karma and how our thoughts ultimately direct our lives. It’s very easy to read and understand.


What are some books that changed your life and the way you see reality? Share them in the comments!


Take Care and Happy reading!




Amir Campbell


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  1. Posted by Menny Thoughts on May 20, 2016 at 9:40 pm

    The Bible is my go to guide for determining God’s plan for my success. Its Holy because it’s message is so unique, author is the basis of truth, and overall its separate from any other work on earth. I will definitely read more about the other books mentioned.


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