Are your chakras holding you back from success?

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been fascinated with eastern medicine and all other alternative forms of healing that don’t involve needles that draw blood ( I freakin’ HATE needles. I believe that if God didn’t create me with needles in me, then they don’t need to be placed inside me…).

I remember being a bored kid in my 20’s, spending hours by the Genesee River watching the water go by, thinking about my life and life in the universe, and meditating. Yup, I would sit there by the river, with my legs crossed, my hands resting in my lap, and my mind focused on my second chakra. I could sit there for an hour, quite easily actually. For the first few minutes, my mind would race with different thoughts, every sensation that I had been ignoring because my visual sense was occupied seemed as big as an automobile. But after a few minutes, my body relaxed and my mind settled and I could focus on my second chakra quite easily. I literally became one with the force; a helicopter flying high overhead literally felt as though it was 6 inches away, I could feel the different processes in my body doing what they were doing. People would actually come sit down next to me and i would be perfectly content with their presence. Perhaps the coolest experiences were when birds and squirrels would come within inches of me, being nosy, hanging out with me for a few moments, and then scampering off. That feeling of expanded awareness has stuck with me into my mid 30’s, even though I don’t meditate like that anymore. I learned that technique from a book called Nei Kung: the secrets of the warrior sages by Kostas Danos.

What are chakras? According to eastern (Hindu) philosophy, they’re tiny vortexes that are situated over seven key organs/glands in the body. The word chakra roughly translates to “wheel”.

They help us stay healthy when they’re working properly and taking in energy like they’re supposed to. We run in to mental and physical health problems when they’re out of balance. Essentially, on a deeper level, our physical body and personalities are the result of the function of our chakras. What’s more, it appears that because these chakras are located near our endocrine glands, they can also have a degree of impact on our hormonal profiles. It may be worth a look into them if balancing your chakras can help you balance your hormonal outputs and consequently, your body composition, don’t you think?

There is even what appears to be some reference to them in the old classic manual on acupuncture, The Yellow Emperor’s classic on internal medicine. The author seems to refer to them as “spaces”, but only mentions three of said spaces. I love the book so much that I have two copies on my bookshelf:) It’s a valuable resource to have if you study subtle healing or any other forms of healing.

The idea that we have something inside of us that connects us with the universe at large is awesome, but what’s even more awesome is that they have been scientifically studied and VALIDATED by numerous researchers over the years. In most recent memory, a man by the name of Hiroshi Motoyama, who is both a Shinto priest and a scientist, got together a group of experienced meditators from all walks of life and he used sensitive equipment to determine if the chakras actually existed. Long story short, he found that when a meditator focused on a specific chakra with intention, an increase in the electrical charge of the area being investigated increased! If you want more detail on his research and how it can help you in your own day-to-day life, check out his book, theories of the chakras: bridge to higher consciousness. It’s an eye-opening read for sure.

Each chakra pulls in a certain type of energy from the universe at large and converts it into a form of energy that nourishes and sustains us. In addition, healthy chakras mean your aura stays nice and healthy.

The chakras spin either clockwise or counterclockwise, the former causing them to project energy and the latter causing them to absorb energy from your environment. In this way, they help you sense if an environment is good for your energies or bad for them.

There are some people that are of the opinion that chakras can be opened or closed, but I don’t fully agree with that.This is like saying that they are either on or off, and we know that the universe isn’t black and white.For one reason, if they were fully closed, you would be dead. As chakras have different sizes and spin rates, I believe that what those people might be sensing is a smaller vortex and a slower spin, giving the illusion of being opened or closed.

In addition, the acitvities that we love to do get our chakras spinning faster. There’s so many variables to take into account when dealing with these “non-physical” organs that each person has to make a careful study of their own subtle anatomy to fully understand it.

In addition, each chakra generates an energy field that affects the health of the organs over which they are situated. Here are the seven major chakras and what they do for us:

The root chakra – Located over the pubic bone, the root chakra is responsible for helping us ground to the energies of the earth and keep us vital. It is usually associated with the color Red. It helps us feel a sense of tribal connectedness with our fellow human beings and it also is the chakra that governs our sexuality.

The second chakra – this chakra is described in many different ways by different authors. The description that I like is that it’s the center of that childlike joy that we all have the capacity to experience. It is located two inches below the belly button, right over where our bladders and uterus are. Orange is usually tied to this chakra.

Solar plexus chakra – this chakra, located at the tip of the solar plexus, governs our sense of personal power. Because of its location, its energy field affects the health of our adrenals, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, and spleen. When its functioning properly, we feel strong and confident and when it’s out of balance, we feel weak and lack self-control. Yellow is the color of the day here, friends.

Heart Chakra – this chakra is located right in the center our chests, right where our physical heart lies. As a result, it influences the state of our physical heart, the thymus gland and lungs. It’s the chakra through which we receive love,  both universal and personal. When it’s in balance, we love easier and are compassionate. When it’s out of whack, we have a difficult time loving ourselves and others. Green is the color usually associated with this vortex.

The throat chakra – located right at the Adam’s apple, this vortex is responsible for allowing us to speak our voices and express our own truth. Its energy field affects the thyroid gland. When it’s working properly, we can easily express ourselves and feel good about it. When it’s out of whack, we have a hard time speaking up for ourselves and what’s right. With this chakra, an imbalance can even cause you to talk too damn much! Blue or dark blue is the color usually attributed to this chakra

The third eye – this chakra, located between our eyes, is responsible for our intuition and because of its location, influences the function of our eyes, ears, nose, etc. Dysfunction here can mean vision problems, your intuition is low functioning, hearing problems can occur. Indigo is this chakras’ claim to fame.

The crown chakra – located at the crown of our head, this chakra is responsible for our sense of oneness with everyone in the world. Dysfunction in this chakra can shut you out from the universe at large, preventing from receiving information from God. Violet is the flame that burns up on top:)

You may have noticed that the colors associated with the various chakras follows the color prism in order starting from the bottom (red) to the top (violet). Make what specualtions you will, I only offer them here for completeness of presentation.

This is a just a basic primer of my understanding of these wonderous wheels. If you want more comprehensive explanations on them and how to balance them, check out these books:

1) Energy medicine, by Donna Eden. You’ll also want to buy her kit, The energy medicine kit. You’ll find my explanation below, so keep on reading;)

2) Pranic healing, by Choa Kok Sui. I like this book because it has practical information for anyone that wants to get into healing field. It teaches you how to use the chakras and prana for health and vitality.

3) Any books by Caroline Myss, especially Anatomy of the spirit. I like her book because she seems to use lots of cognitive restructuring as a means to balance the chakras. It’s a great book if you’re a person that feels that the other books are “too woo-woo”.

4) The Chakras, by C.w. Leadbeater. This book is a great reference on the chakras. The author peppers in his own beliefs on buddhism, which is general good information. There’s also some really cool diagrams and flow charts that show how the chakra energies move through the body.

Another reason I like his book is because he talks about astral and etheric chakras, meaning that both your astral and etheric bodies have chakras just like our physical bodies. I have absolutely no idea what he means by this, but as I said before, It’s good to know about them.

So, let’s get to the good stuff:

How might your chakras be holding you back from achieving success in your financial, health, and love lives?

Simple: if your chakras are out of whack, then those areas of your life will be out of whack. You have May have even noticed when you were reading the descriptions above that you may already be out of balance in those areas of your personality and life.

There are many ways to balance them, ranging from guided imagery to more “physical” methods, like using your hands. The best and easiest way I’ve found to balance my own ( I’m a kinesthetic person) is to use a clear-cut glass crystal that comes with the energy medicine kit. I clear them once in a while when I feel like I need a boost or I feel “dirty”. It’s an awesome investment that I’ve used for decades now and will continue to use for the rest of my life.

You can also use your palm chakras to clear them. To do this, you simply focus in on your chakras and determine which one(s) need a boost. Once you determine which ones need clearing, you’re going to.

  1. Place your hand (doesn’t matter which) about 2-4 inches away.
  2. Begin to move your hand in a counterclockwise circle. The chakra will begin to move at the pace of your circling.
  3. Continue in that direction for 3-9 minutes.
  4. Once done, circle your hands CLOCKWISE to get the chakra sucking energy in again.

You can see that the process is pretty long when you just use your hand energies. That’s fine if you have that kind of time. I usually don’t, so I use my clear cut glass crystal. It’s a little bit faster and you get the same effect. To each his own!

I have a bias towards Donna Eden’s works because:

  1. She can sense and “see” the various energies in and around the human body.
  2. Her Husband , David Feinstein,  author of “The Promise of Energy Psychology: Revolutionary tools for personal change” , is a board certified psychologist. The two are pair made in heaven and dedicated to their work.
  3. She actually was very sick before she got into the healing field and at her current age, she’s constantly vibrant and brimming with energy. She’s doing something right.

I love the other books as well, but they’re more for referencing and cross referencing. If you’re serious about expanding your knowledge of your subtle bodies, then grab those books today.

When you balance your chakras, you will feel more grounded and centered and protected, and your life will flow easier and smoother.


Amir Campbell


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