Delicious Butternut Squash and Coconut Milk baby food recipe!

You may have noticed that I don’t really post that many recipes. In fact, I have NONE on my blog. I’m making an exception and it’s all because of my wife and my son. More specifically, it’s all because my wife has me feeding my son, whose decided to have people food now:( My wife loves to get creative and find new ways to help me help food get “insod mah bellay!!!!”

I like feeding him because it helps me discover new ways to communciate with him. That, and some of the foods she makes for him are freakin’ delish. Some foods, like the green bean concotions she makes, I don’t like, but this stuff here? Woooooo!!! The only problem iI have with it is that I have to remind myself that it’s HIS food and I feeding HIM:(

Without further ado, It’s Homemade baby (and daddy) food:

Butternut Squash and Coconut milk.


The coconut milk is excellent for people that may have lactose intolerance issues.

If you’re concerned about the fat content in the coconut milk, use the amount that you desire. My wife makes a giant batch and stores it in the refrigerator. You’re not eating the entire batch in one go (hopefully), so you’re not eating all the fat contained the coconut milk at once.

It’s perfect as a side dish or as baby food (or daddy food:). As it has a very creamy consistency, you could even use it as a sauce on rice or your favorite protein, possibly as an alternative to a cream sauce to save yourself from some calories.


Heed this word of caution: The coconut milk will have both a liquidy component which will sink to the bottom of the can and all of the thick white cream will be waiting at the top. Make sure you SHAKE THAT DAMN CAN BEFORE YOU OPEN IT!!!




1 or 2 Butternut Squash, sliced down the middle into halves.

squash 3

Yes, Yes I do hang out with all of the food that I’m going to ingest and assimilate into my own body like the Borg from Star Trek. It’s only polite, after all…


1 can Unsweetened canned coconut milk. We use Thai Kitchen’s Coconut Milk. It’s soooo damn good you can eat it out of the can (don’t do that though, because you WILL turn into a can of coconut milk and be devoured by some other thoughtless person. Boom, instant karma).

If you’re against all foods canned, then you can try the coconut milk that companies like So Delicious make. I, my son, or my wife don’t experience any negative side effects from eating the canned milk, but everybody’s digestive system is different.

squash 1

Shake the can really good before you open it!!!



1 food processor. We like the Ninja because it breaks everything down really fine. And because has ninja IN the title.

Health benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Tastes freakin’ awesome.
  • Omega 3’s for brain health and reduced inflammation.
  • Packed with Fiber to keep you full AND regular 😉
  • Loaded with Vitamin A for healthy skin, B for proper nervous system health, C for strong ligament and tendons, and potassium for optimal bone health.
  • Tons of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA’s) that help boost your immune system AND burn fat.
  • The squash is loaded with cartenoids (the pigment that gives squash it’s color) that help keep your heart nice and healthy.
  • Tons of iron from the Coconut Milk.



Here’s how you can make your own:


1. Cut squash into halves.

2. Place halves face down on baking sheet.

3. Bake halves for 1 hour at 350 degrees.

4. After scooping out the seeds, remove squash from oven, scoop out contents and place into your food processor. We use the ninja because it rocks. We’ve had our own for a year now and it still blends like the first day we got it.

5. Add Unsweetened canned coconut milk to the squash waiting patiently in the food processor.

6. Blend until smooth and creamy.

7. Serve warm or cold, preferably lots of servings:)


I personally would NOT add any sweeteners to it, as the complex carbs in the squash give it a sweet taste without being too overpowering.


Here’s what the finished product looks like. I didn’t add a mint leaf for garnish today because he wasn’t feelin’ it:

squash 2

I think it can also be used as some kind of face mask, if you want to, I mean…



Try this recipe out and let me know how you like it! I may have more recipes coming shortly.



Amir Campbell


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