The top 4 supplements you need for unlimited vitality.

Everyone wishes they had a secret formula that would help them escape the cold, icy hands of Lady Age and Sir Old.

What if I told you that you kinda do? Would you believe mebif I told you that everyone has their own ” Eternal Youth” sequence which can be activated when you take certain actions on a daily basis?

No two people are alike, and therefore what will enhance your vitality and youthfulness won’t necessarily work for your mom or her sister.

It sounds simplistic, but when you address the factors of aging, you effectively decrease wear and tear on your body AND you enhance your body’s output of Youth Growing Hormones.

The main reasons that we age prematurely rapidly are:

1) Stress – did you know that 90% of illnesses are all caused by stress? When we get stressed out, the buildup of stress hormones can wreak havoc on our internal organs and consequently, manifest as health issues.

2) Over working ourselves – this is a side effect of not working from our higher values. Any work done from a perspective other than that sets us up for wasted effort. Wasted effort means that we have to waste more vital force eliminating what we don’t want and fixing things. It’s a vicious cycle that robs us of our vital force and speeds us to wrinkles-ville.

3) Eating too much processes sugar – I don’t think I need to explain why, but high intakes of process sugar not only increase our cancer risks, but also increase our fat storage capabilities.

4) Decreased GH output – as we age and particularly after the age of 35, our growth hormone output drops each decade. The result: fat storage increases, muscle breakdown increases, skin gets wrinkly, energy levels decrease.

When you combine all of the previously mentioned aspects, you can easily see how life can be a downhill battle * if you LET it*. Here are 4 powerful supplements that will help you reverse the aging process and grow YOUNGER day by day:

1) Growth hormone precursors – these substances are amino acids that help to amplify your own body’s output of GH. This especially crucial in people over the age of 35 for aforementioned reasons.

The best product on the market that I’ve seen so far is Inner Power. This supplement was created by two doctors that basically wanted to eat anything they wanted for the rest of their lives and still build muscle. They created and use this product to achieve that goal.

In addition to using GH precursors, you can do several things to enhance your own output of GH at any age:

A) Eat plenty of complex carbohydrates and avoid processed sugars. GH and insulin are antagonistic, meaning that when insulin abounds, GH turns around. This sets you up for fat storing AND vitality depletion.

B) Get plenty of sleep. Make it a priority in your life. Deep sleep helps to promote the release of growth hormone.

C) Eat plenty of lean protein.

2. Control your stress response – by controlling your body’s response to stress, you can control your release of stress hormones, which means you control the wear and tear it does to your body:

A) Hold your forehead neurovasculars – take you fingerpads and gently hold your “oh my god” points as you think about or physically find yourself in a stressful situation. This simple act relax your entire body and bring blood back up into your forebrain so that you can think logically about your stress and come up with positive solutions. Hold these points until-you feel a even pulse underneath your fingerpads. As you hold those points, breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.

B) Use Ginseng – ginseng is an adaptogen, meaning that it helps your body adapt to any stressful situation you may find yourself in. Less stress means more energy and more muscle is maintained.

3) Vitamin C – this powerful vitamin is essential to keeping your skin wrinkle free, your joints strong and healthy, and your blood vessels young and supple. A daily dose of a good supplement will help you fight stress, increase your energy levels and stay flexible for the rest of your life.

In addition to vitamin c, make sure you get at least 30 minutes of daily physical play to enhance your blood flow and GH growth hormone output.

4) Increase your efficiency – by increasing your efficiency, you decrease unnecessary wear and tear on not only your body, but your mind as well.

Here are a few tips to help you increase your efficiency to get more work done than you ever thought possible:

1) Take advantage of your High Vitality Times (HVT) and accomplish your most annoying tasks when your vitality is the highest. By taking advantage of your body’s natural high energy peaks, you will easily and quickly accomplish those tasks.

2) Group your tasks together by function: if you have tons of correspondence to do, do all of your correspondence at the same time. Make all your phone calls at once, send all your emails at once, etc.

3) Prioritize your action list – Ask yourself , ” what absolutely must get done today?” By asking yourself this powerful question, you automatically focus on your needs.  By focusing on your needs.

4) Practice centering yourself –  By starting your day with a clear mental atmosphere, you innoculate yourself from boredom, distractions, and you maintain your focus to power through the day. The best time to center yourself is when you’ve just woken up; you’ll be taking advantage of your body’s natural relaxed state. By “hooking” onto your (hopefully) relaxed and refreshed state, you’ll build a powerful relaxed state that you can access anywhere.

To center yourself before you start your day, relax your body by imagining your arms and limbs are limp as dishrags. As you laying/sitting there, inhale softly through through your nose and exhale softly through your mouth. Just be and breath.

You only need to stay in that state for a few minutes; whatever time you have available is fine. The most important point is to practice.

With consistent practice, you will automatically access your centered state just by consciously focusing on your breath.

5) Grab your very own copy of my book, Master keys to Health Vitality. When you apply all of the powerful tools in this compendium, you will increase your vitality, your physical fitness, and your income, become a powerhouse in your world and the world abroad.

By patching these techniques and supplements into your life, you’ll effortlessly burn fat, experience unlimited energy, increase your cognitive function, and achieve success in anything you want.

Best wishes,

Amir Campbell


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