The Number 1 Habit you want to break for life success.

We do it all the time, many times throughout the day. I do it too, but when I catch myself doing it, I take control, sit back, and watch the magic happen.

What’s this nasty habit that I’m talking about that you and I do many times through the day and it’s potentially costing us lots of money?

Holding our breath!!! FYI: The word “inspire”, coming from the latin “inspirare”, means to breath in. The ancient greeks new the connection between breathing and opitmal function! They didn’t know about soap though:(

It’s natural for us to do that:

  • You see a pretty sunset and you automatically hold your breath in an attempt to capture it forever in the picture gallery in your mind.
  • You see an accident about to happen and you automatically tense up and hold your breath in an effort to stop it from a distance. You tense when you’re about to get tackled.
  • You have a a series of events that you allow to effect your energy and your breathing slows almost to stop.
  • Your favorite television character drops a bombshell on the audience ( but, like, we already KNEW that you did that, dude….:)


Holding our breath isn’t so bad; it’s keeping it held that’s the problem, and here’s why:

  1. Your blood pressure increases. This is not good if you’re someone that has blood pressure on the high side.
  2. Carbon dioxide builds up in your bloodstream.
  3. Your cognitive abilities decrease. Your brain uses alot of the oxygen you breathe in. Hint, Hint…
  4. Your visual capabilties decrease.

Let me clarify something: Breath holding is a natural part of life, it’s a natural physiological function given to us by God/ Evolution/whatever. If you didn’t hold your breath, you’d die horribly everytime you tried to swim underwater:(

If you didn’t hold your breath when you attempted to lift heavy objects, you wouldn’t build up the necessary Intra Abdominal Pressure to protect you spine and you’d be ehaded to snap city asap, rocky:)

If you’re an athlete and you didn’t hold your breath for a split second before you exploded from the starting line, you wouldn’t have enough tension to barrel forward and blast past your competition.

There are incidences on record where small children have fallen through ice into deathly cold water and were found alive hours later, because a awesome reflex built into our body called the Mammalian Dive Reflex( MDR). This reflex is activated when put our faces in cold water. In addition, our blood pressure drops dramatically in an effort to help us utitlize 100% of the inhaled air in our bodies for as long as possible. The name of the game is survival.

Let’s forget all the cool stuff about breath holding. You want to know how it’s keeping you from making more money this year and here’s how:

When you hold your breath, your mind stops.

More specifically, your thinking stops. You essentially freeze mentally.  Moreover, the breath and the body are inextricably linked: what you do with your breath affects your body.

When you slow your breathing waaaaaayyyyy down consciously, you automatically relax and activate your Relaxation Response. In this state, your thinking ability is enhanced, your body is relaxed, time slows down, blood pressure decreases, etc.

If you can’t think, you can’t create amazing solutions to all of life’s little problems. let go and let your breath flow. This isn’t to say that you should hyperventilate and make your pass out ( don’t do that; I ain’t responsible:). Instead, the next time you find yourself holding your breath:

  1. Pretend that you’re a rag doll, right where you are right now. Let your arms and legs relax as much as possible.
  2. Take control of your breathing and inhale for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds. These numbers are arbitrary; you may have different lung capacity than Jimmy or Nicole. Vary the inhale and exhale until you find a rhythm that works for you.
  3.  If you can close your eyes, even better. Closing your eyes causes your body to automatically shift into relaxation mode.
  4. Mentally rehearse contexts in which you can really benefit from breathing deeply and rhtymically.
  5.  Don’t use force to adhere to particular time frame; listen to your body and stop when you feel the time is right. More is not always better.


I was notorious for holding my breath unnecessarily holding my breath. The trick that helped me make it automatic was to ask myself 2x an hour:

“Am I breathing right now?”

Start to take control of your breath ( are you breathing right now?) and you’ll see that you’ll become more centered in your daily life: Things don’t pull you unnecessarily, you pull them because you’re centered and ready for them.

If you want to learn more ways to harness the power of your vital breath for more vitality, endurance, and increased thinking ability, check out my new book, Master Keys To Health And Vitality right now.

Peace and love,

Amir Campbell


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