Bad moods are like Bad Gas….

Sure, they stink. Sure, you wish it never happened. Sure, you can’t wait for the air to clear so you can breath again. But you KNOW that everything will be alright and your nostrils will be safe again.

Don’t like the bad gas analogy? How’s about the wet blanket analogy: Sure, your favorite wooby is soaked right now and it’s the only wooby you have right now. It’s heavy and really damp, but you know that eventually, it WILL dry off and you will have your favorite wooby back and be watching your favorite Netflix guilty pleasure together in no time. I have a wooby and I love her:)

Bad moods, and good moods for that matter, are a product of the last few thoughts you held in your mind. Bad moods can happen so fast that it seems like you just blinked a few times and boom – you were in bad mood. Good moods can come one “all of a sudden” as well – you don’t know why, but all of a sudden, you’re in a really good mood.

If you were to do some mental detective work and notice you current emotional state, you can determine that you were most likely thinking about something that sucked or you were projecting a sucky vibe onto a situation that hasn’t happened/may not happen. Naughty, Naughty; Clean it up!! (Comment if you know where that line came from;)

What if I told you that there are simple ways to control how and when you fall into a good mood or bad mood? Would you want to learn more? You do?!?!? Good, because I can’t help you:( Just kidding, read on:

FYI – One of the origins of the word Mood is the Old english word “Mod”, which means “mind”. I’m always amazed at how powerfully intuitive and how connected with the universe our ancestors were.

To me, Moods are like atmospheres. They feel like woobies of different shapes and sizes that we put on and take off. We are always in a mood, and we can always change the mood we are wearing. In fact, there was a huge trend a few decades ago

It also seems to me that some people are more prone to good/bad moods than others. For example, Rick may be prone to falling into Bad Moods and staying in them longer, whereas Jill is prone to more Happier moods and staying in them longer.

The simple answer is repetition. A person may have rehearsed a state(consciously or unconsciously) so many times (moving into different postures in connection with holding particular thoughts/beliefs) that they create a anchor, or switch, that gets thrown whenever they find themselves thinking those certain thoughts, or in the case of a really strongly set anchor, holding a certain posture! The more you rehearse an action (or emotional state), the better you become at expressing that action/emotional state.

The best actors in hollywood are the ones that rehearse their lines hour after hour and pour their life force into each and every word that comes from their mouth. Think of a powerfully compelling line from one of your favorite movies and realize that this actor literally poured hours of emotion into it with the intention to move you into certain states, which they most achieved.

So lets make a connection between acting and achieving powerful states at will:

To have a state locked into your neurology permanently, you have to rehearse it constantly until your subconscious mind takes the hint and keeps it “on tap” for you ready to go.

The keys to building a powerful state are:

1: use powerfully motivating words to energize your mind.

2. Physical movements that energize your body.

Powerful words to get your Move State activated, for example:


Examples of simple movements that energize your are:

Yoga poses
Variations on tai chi

A finished example of a Power Move would be going through a set of 5 isometric bodyweight squats, holding each one for 5 seconds as you mentally or verbally say to yourself:

I power through every challenge.

This Power Move is so simple that you can do it anywhere and anytime you need it.

If you like caffeine and you want an amzingly effective supplement to help ( let’s face it, caffeine is needed sometimes:), then try Spark. I love this supplement because it gets me activated and keeps me activated for hours and I don’t experience a crash like I would If I were to drink too much coffee.


With practice and experimentation, you’ll be able to come up with your own unique Power Moves that will perfectly compliment your own unique makeup and power you through your day.

If you want more powerful ways to build in amazingly powerful states into your mind, body, and spirit, grab your copy of Master Keys To Health and Vitality right now!

Break those farty moods once and for all!!

Best Wishes,

Amir Campbell


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