Are you PAWing right now? Here’s how to fix it.

You’re probably wondering to yourself, ” Amir, what the hell are you talking about now? PAWing?!?!?”

Ok, I’ll spill: PAWing is short for “Pushing against a wall”. It’s a term I use when I catch myself attempting to continue on a course of action that no longer yields any returns, be it permanently or temporarily.

More specifically, it’s a term I use when I’m employing a particular strategy that has reached the point where, for that particular point in time, reaching my next step is proving difficult or annoying.

To me, it *feels like* i’m pushing against a wall. Like i’m trying to move the wall with my willpower. Do you know that feeling?

What’s it feel like when YOU Paw? What signals does your body give you that let you know that you’re pawing?

When I find myself pawing on a specific project, I do a couple of things:

1) I take a deep breath to kick in my Peace Circuits.
2) I leave that project right where it is for the time being.
3) I release the mental charge I’ve built up by doing something else. I’ll watch television or workout a bit.

4) When I feel my body relax, I know my Peace Circuits are activated and I know shortly thereafter, because my mind has released it’s mental charge and is now open to process new ideas floating up to me (conscious awareness) from my subconscious mind and or/ God and the universe.

Once you’ve stepped back and let the mental pressure subside, now you can FOTU, or Flow On With The Universe.

To sum it up, here’s the basic process for getting your inner genius going when it’s all backed up:

1) Leave the area if possible. If not, take a few deep breathes.

2) Switch mental gears by laughing to break your current state and focus on another project for a bit.

3) When you feel yourself relax, or you notice new ideas floating to your conscious awareness, switch gears again by going back to project A.

4) Repeat as often as you need.

If you’re having troubles attaining a good level of physical relaxation, try C- Grams from advocare. Many times, our bodies are just so flooded with stress hormones that they need a little help to flush them from our body. This Vitamin C supplement is awesome because it’s easy on your stomach and contains lysine which helps your body synthesisze more of your dietary protein into lean muscle. As an added bonus, getting your vitamin C will help your body to produce more carnitine, which will help you burn even more fat AND achieve deep physical relaxation!


For more awesome ways to control your emotional states ON COMMAND, grab your copy of my new book, Master keys to Health and Vitality today.

Best wishes,

Amir Campbell

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