Read this now and get pumped up.

You’ve heard it before I’m sure. This life is a testing ground. It’s a place where you come for the duration of your life, experience, learn, and grow. What comes after this, who knows, I don’t.

Why are we being tested? I don’t know, but I know that when you get past the little challenges in your life, when you master your environment by mastering your spirit, you get “called upon” to handle even bigger challenges and tests.

And the cool part is that you continue to grow spiritually.

I love this quote from Romans 5:3:

“…Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance..”

It’s very easy for me to say that suffering makes you tough, you’re probably thinking. Suffering is relative and I ask you to look back your past situations and realize how much powerful are now than you were:

Can you remember a time where you experience the toughest challenge of your life (up to that point)? Sure, you may have been bloodied, battered, and bashed, but you’re STILL HERE.

Sure, you may still bear the emotional and physical scars of your past, but scars are there as a signal that what cannot kill you will only make you stronger when you recover. Emotional and physical scars, when we look at them from a different perspective, empower you, because you remember that incident and you smile, because you look forward to any challenges that may happen to arise.

If you could see yourself the way God/buddha/etc sees you, you would probably drop to the ground in awe at all of the spiritual power spilling off of you.

Admit it now, there’s a warrior inside of you that hungers for challenges. There’s an animal inside of you that is waiting for challenges to rear their ugly heads so that they can take a bite out of them.

All of your life is for the training of your spirit, to temper it and make it become steel.

I have a book called “Budo Secrets: The teachings of Martial Arts Masters”, and in this book, there’s a story about a martial arts master who fell into a coma. He was taken to the hospital and while there, the doctors and nurses were stunned because every so often, he would let out the same kiais and shouts tha the would AS IF HE WERE IN A FIGHT. When he came to, the doctors asked him if he remembered anything while he was knocked out.

He replied:

” One of the lords of hell wanted to take me, so I beat him fiercely”.

This is the spirit that life is gearing you up to develop, a spirit that will allow you to trample your worst fears and live your sweetest dreams.

So you remember friend, the next time you find yourself moaning and groaning about your challenges, don’t be surprised when your next action is a big s@#$ eating grin, because you know how much stronger you’ll be when you come out the other end of it.

Not only will you be stronger on the other end, but you learn so much and become so much stronger along the way.

Oh to be sure, challenges will still abound, because they are dumb like that;) Only now, when they abound, you spring forward and you rush them  with a smile and you BLOW RIGHT PAST THEM. You look back and see them eating your dust.

From this moment on, when you face a challenge, become a grizzly bear and eat that challenge.

From this moment on, when challenge approaches, watch it come, like a brave ship captain with cannons locked and loaded and ready to DESTROY.

From this moment on, when you face a challenge, open your arms and welcome it. Become the wise old aikido master, who grounds and centers himself/herself, and ABSORB the force with you heart and spirit. Watch it crumple to the ground, drained of its power to negatively affect you.

From this moment on, when you face a challenge, climb to the highest spire of the fortress in your mind, look down at the challenge, and pity it. From this high vantage point you’ve taken, you laugh because:

It is not there to destroy you, it is there to help you become a super-you.


Become the brave warrior who rides out to conquer the monsters in this world, armed with your determination as your sword, love and patience as your shield, and spiritual guidance as your light to your goals.

Remember as well, that when you become *that much* stronger, the ENTIRE PLANET becomes that more stronger because of your existence.

If you want more ways to crack open the locks that keep back your “super-you”, grab your copy of my new book, Master Keys to Health and Vitality, and make the magic happen.


Amir Campbell



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