You’re too selfless. Here’s how to fix it now.



Has anyone ever told you that you were too “Self centered”? Or maybe you’ve heard the opposite just as much, that you’re too “nice and helpful”? What do these terms even mean?

I remember being a young man and like most people, cringing inside when a person called another person “selfish”; I didn’t ever want to be called that, so I made sure I was always as helpful as I could be.

Being a grown up manboy, I see things a little differently, and you should too. We live in a world that has sliding scales for everything, that has DEGREES for everything you can identify. This includes the concepts of Selfishness and Selfless-ness.

As there are no black and whites in this world, when we label others as these terms, we do them a disservice. Allow me to explain:

We all swing back and forth between the Self Centered Mind state and the Other-centered Mind state, possibly many times in a minute. Do you know what you’re seeing when you’re with a person that’s labeled as either?:

You’re seeing a temporary condition. Everybody can be Self Centered and Other Centered. We are all BOTH. If you weren’t self centered, you wouldn’t brush your teeth, wash your butt, or eat food. Learn more about the definition of Self centered when you grab your copy of my new book, Master Keys To Health And Vitality.

On the other side of the coin, if you didn’t have the capacity to be Other Centered, you would be running peopl down everytime you got mad, wouldn’t feel a twinge of sorrow for the suffering of others, or hold the door open for people.

Because living a good and awesome life is about balance, you need to develop the spiritual flexibility to attain both states.

It can be confusing because some people’s default states of being are set at either one or the other state, and most of their actions are filtered through said state.

So, how can we start to master both states and move on our way to freedom? We switch focus for a few minutes.

We start by first knowing our default centered-ness:

  1. Are you constantly tending to the needs of others, to the detriment of yourself?
  2. Are you constantly focused on yourself and your needs, without care to the needs/wants of others?

If you’re a 1, begin to ask yourself daily: What do I need?

If you’re a 2, begin to ask yourself: What does xxx need? or alternately, ” How can I help xxx?”

The results will shock and amaze you, and your self centered/other centered friends.

So, go out after reading this post, and practice being both.







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