Have fun staying fit this Spring Break!

Have fun and stay fit this Spring break!


Being a personal trainer, I have first hand experience with the healing benefits of regular moderate exercise. All you need is 20 minutes a day of steady activity to stay in shape and stay lean.

I’m not a fanatic buy any means, but…

I take working out very seriously. I treat each training session as a chance to uncover my weak points and train them to be my strongest assets, both spiritaully and physically.


Some years ago, I was out partying with my nephew and nieces and I asked my nephew if he was going to work out tomorrow. His answer:

“I’m on vacation.. I’m not doing nothin!!!”

Don’t you know how hard I wanted to slap his big shiny Genie earring out of his ear?!!?!?

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Why the hell would anyone want to take a break from exercising? As I grew and matured understood more of life, I easily began to understand how:(

Here’s two facts from the desk of Amir Campbell:

  1. Regular exercisers know how good it feels to work out. You know how good you feel after breaking a mild sweat.
  2. People don’t want to think about working out when they’re on vacation.
  3. Duh!


Did you know that your skin is the biggest organ on your body?

Did you know that most of the toxins that we eliminate are expelled through the pores of our skin?

When you look at those two benefits of exercise, it doesn’t make sense to me that a person would take a break from their program. By maintaining your basic level of fitness while you’re on vacation, you won’t go through the temporary suck-ification of De-training, or “losing your fitness”.

Of course, if you are sick or you have an injury, then of course, take a break and reduce your activity level. You don’t have to stop completely.

Did you know that ancient greek doctors prescribed light exercise as a form of “medicine”?

Can you say… Tangent?!?!?


You can still maintain your physique with moderate exercise, no matter where you vacation. While you’re at it, why you bring your copy of my book, Master Keys To Health And Vitality to keep your mind engaged as you switch back and forth between gazing out over the ocean and reading my book?

All you need are:

1) Resistance, which can be provided with your own bodyweight. Other acceptable forms of resistance include but are not limited to:

A) Carrying suitcases for long distances.

B) Jumping up and down on your bed until you start to breath deeper and heavier.

C) Swimming AWAY FROM sharks or other sketchy looking ocean creatures, like plastic bags that look like jelly fish:(

2) A flight stairs or a city block, so you can go for a power walk or jog( sprinting is best for increase oxygen uptake).

3) Room so you can stretch all your muscles after your workout.

4) Chasing friends and family up and down the beach until you fall over from laughter ( and thank your trainer that you can run that long!)

And… viola!!

And just imagine: You can do all of the above while you’re reading my book!

You have a complete workout in 15 minutes or less!! While you’re on vacation!!






2 responses to this post.

  1. Haha, love these tips. I think we underestimate how much exercise we do on a daily basis regardless of hitting the gym up! Thanks for this x



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