Stop Smoking Forever Or Die, Part 1


Yes: there is a simple method to stop smoking forever, in about 3 weeks or less.

You may have already discovered this technique in your quest to stop the smoking habit.

Well firstly, you have to realize that it is a habit, just all other habits that we have:

We brush our teeth, we eat when we’re hungry, we sleep when we are tired (if the circumstance permit, but that doesn’t always stop us now, does it?)

All habits can be squashed and replaced by new, better habits. Understand me clearly on this: I am ALL ABOUT enjoying life and enjoying the things you love. There is nothing wrong with smoking a cigarette “once in a while”, whatever that means to you. I enjoy beer, ice cream, carrot cake, regular cake, etc. I do it in moderation; at levels that allow me to intake these foods and still maintain my fitness levels and ideal body composition. What you want to totally eliminate is EXCESS.

Firstly, use some common sense:

What are the triggers that cause you to smoke? What has to happen for you to reach into your shirt pocket and “light one up”?

If you can eliminate  those triggers, then you make it that much easier to stop smoking now. Some common triggers for smoking are:

  1. nervousness
  2. anxiety

Believe it or not, we have Positive Intentions for every action we perform. The positive intention behind smoking for most people is to relax. In my new book, Master Keys to Health and Vitality, you will learn powerful techniques to achieve physical and mental relaxation that will serve you for the rest of your life.

In addition, use some more common sense: If you continue to smoke like  you do now, what will your life be like?

What will your clothes smell like?

How much money will you WASTE on cigarettes that you could be putting into a retirement fund?

Can you SEE how common sense can be a good thing?

Before you can stop smoking forever right now…. you have to imagine a future in which you are some free.

You have to imagine what it would be like to smell really good… instead of smelling like smoke and ass…. er ash…..

What would your life be like if you didn’t smoke anymore?

A) Would your teeth be cleaner and whiter than they are right now?

B) Would your skin be smoother?

C) Would you be able to walk a flight of stairs without be winded?

D) Would you not have that smokers cough or horrible breath?

E) Would you have more money left over at the end of your month to save up for your retirement home?

Since we’re asking questions now, let’s ask a better one:

What would have to happen for you for to throw away all your cigarettes right now and never smoke one again for the rest of your life?

What if you could find a better way to relax your nerves… a FREE way to do so?

If you could get a piece of paper and a pen and right out all the reasons that you have for not smoking anymore, what would you right?

How many reasons do you think that you could come up with now?

I bet you have reasons already and you are probably going to start thinking about all those reasons in a few moments from now….

What would it be like if every time you reach for a cigarette, you started to feel sick to your stomach… and every time you even looked at a cigarette, you started to feel queasy inside your stomach… you know that feeling you get when you feel like your going to throw up.? Take that pukey feeling, and make it feel as big as possible now.

What would it be like if you got that that THROW UP feeling every time you looked a cigarette? What if you thought about puke and vomit every time you light up a cigarette?

Can someone reaching inside your chest and bearhugging our lungs right now? Can you feel the sheer terror welling up inside you, knowing that you’re going to die because of this bear hug? Can you feel panic building inside you now, can you feel the fear overtake you now?

Imagine drinking a cocktail of creamy rat poison, arsenic, formaldehyde. Goes down smooth, does it? If you’re going to poison your body and shorten your lifespan dramatically, you may as well do it for free, right?

Imagine wheezing and coughing and gasping for air, wishing for the swet relief of death, and imagine cursing yourself every moment of everyday for starting the smoking habit in the first place.

I got a good one for you here: Imagine being a fly on the wall at your own funeral. You see all of your friends and family sitting there, you see people standing over your casket and bidding you farewell. You decide to fly over to your dead body and you look yourself in the face. You notice that you have no face; your jaw is gone. You notice that your skin is still stained with smoke even though the embalmer “did a really nice job”.  You see all your friends balling their eyes out and the tears streaming down their eyes. You hear your best friend remark to your dead body:

“You just couldn’t find a powerful enough reason to quit smoking could you?” as they kiss your forehead. For a split second, you can feel their warm lips against your dead bodies forehead…


Wait: How about this one here: you’re sitting across from your doctor and he breaks the news: You have Lung Cancer and YOU ARE GOING TO DIE, HORRIBLY AND PAINFULLY WHILE YOUR FAMILY WATCHES YOU.

Oh, here’s another reason for you to think on: Not only are you now a Mother/Father/son/daughter/ etc, but you’re also a “smoker”!

Have you s@#$ your pants with fear yet? If not, contact me and I can go on for days….

Now, if you’re ready to get on the road to being smoke free forever, let’s start inside:

  1. Can you remember the first time you lit up a cigarette? Recall that time very clearly and when you have it clear in your mind, I want you to do something. Don’t question it; just do it and watch what happens:

I want you stop yourself in your imagination at the moment where you are going to light up your first cigarette ever. Literally change your mind and say to yourself:

“I better not, this will be a life long habit, I’ll smell like an ashtray, my insurance premiums will go up, and I’ll die young. I’ll pass…”

Here’s another tactic: Get a piece of paper and write a letter to your younger self about the dangers of smoking . Share with them all the pain and the wasted money on a few moments of fleeting pleasure that will cost you 12.00 a pack.

Keep running that “imaginary” conversation with your younger self unti lit feels solid and real to you.

Once you’ve scared the crap out of your younger self, now you can go on to imagine a time in the future, maybe six months from now, where you no longer smoke and you’re totally content and happy with that. You see people around you somking and you don’t react at all; in fact, you feel the urge to tell these people that they need to stop or suffer horrible deaths.

Just some food for thought…

Now, here’s are some physical actions you can take to help stop smoking forever:

  1. Take a daily dose of B complex vitamins. The b vitamins will help your liver recover from the damage cause by your smoking AND help you detoxify psychologically and physically.
  2. Drink plenty of water to flush all of those accumulated toxins out of your body.
  3. To reduce arterial stiffness caused by smoking, take Omega 3 fatty acids.
  4. Take a low dose of vitamin c DAILY to further help make your blood vessels more supple.
  5. Chewing sugar free gum when you have a craving will help to occupy your mouth.
  6. If you’re feeling your energy levels flagging as your going through this transisition, try Spark from advocare. It’ll give you a nice boost of caffeine, b vitamins, amino acids, and energy to keep your modd up without experiencing a crash.



When you really stop and think about it now… quitting smoking forever isn’t that hard. In fact, you’ll find that it’s the easiest thing you’ll ever do in your life.

Can you remember a time when you gave up a habit that you KNEW was bad for you? Or maybe you can remember a time when you gave up a person who was bad for you?

As Henry Ford said:

Whether you think you can do a thing or you think you can’t… you’re right.”

Powerful words, right?


I’m not saying that as you’re laying in bed tonight and drifting off to sleep, you’ll lay there decide to sit smoking forever. I’m not saying that as you lay in bed tonight, you’ll make a mental picture of a cigarette and make that cigarette turn black and white in your mind now…. i’m not saying that you draw a big red xxx through that black and white cigarette….

But who knows?

You may fall asleep tomorrow night and suddenly realize that you hadn’t had a single cigarette the entire day…

Would that be amazing?


Stay tuned for part 2, coming shortly.




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  1. Great stuff! Check my stop smoking article out:


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