You’ve felt it before… we all have: that swell of self-power…. the inner awareness of the things of which we are capable of.


It’s completely natural… and the feeling is indescribable. I would dare say that it’s…intoxicatiing, wouldn’t you agree?

That power that you feel rising up inside of you is ALWAYS there, 24 hours a day, it’s just that our thoughts and beliefs act as smothering blankets to try to put that fire out. Have hope: your powerful inner fire cannot be extinguished.

But what does it truly mean to reach your full potential?


Well, what is “Potential”? Essentially, it means all the things that you are capable of doing and being. Obama had the potential to be the president of the United States… and someone saw that potential and pushed him to express it… and he’s president of the united states.


I’ve been thinking, and I feel that achieving one’s true potential is not as glamourous as television and our friends and family make it out to be. For one, you have to realize that people have the potential for Great GOOD and EVIL.


You may have the potential to be a great Light in this world, or you have the potential to be a great boot on the neck of everyone.


You may have the potential to be a star, or … not Potential without the steps to actualize it is useless, like having a brand new BMW in your driveway that doesn’t work. What things are you capable of?


Just remember that, as far as we know, this life is the only life that we will ever have… or as Brad Pitt so brilliantly put it in “Troy”: You will never be lovelier than you are now, and we will never be here again….

IF you want to learn to control that powerful swell that builds up in you from time to time, grab your copy of my book “Master keys to Health and Vitality” today. Not only will you control the swell, but you will be able to bring it up ON DEMAND.







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