Think you don’t have the gas to go the extra mile? Read on.

gas pump


I love metaphors. You can get so much information across in such a tight bundle. Metaphors are essentially picture-thoughts, they’re a snapshot of a combination of many different thoughts. They save you time and energy when you’re trying to help a person learn something new.

One of my all time favorite metaphors is the car metaphor. You know how it goes: Your a car, food is gas, yadda yadda yadda.

Looking at this metaphor in connection with the “going the extra mile” metaphor, we can make it more powerful and productive for ourselves.

Many times I hear people say that they just don’t have the “energy” to do all the things that they want to get done. I hear that and I understand and i’m throwing another perspective at you:

What if going the extra mile is what you need to GENERATE extra energy? ( Did you know that you can some awesome techniques to fill your Vitality Tank to overflowing when you purchase my new book, “Master Keys to Health and Vitality”?)

The human is a remarkable piece of machinery, pieces of which scientists are still trying to work out and undertsand, although many older cultures that came before use seem to have understood and used that knowledge practically. Think about going theextra mile like this:

If movement generates energy, then isn’t it safe to assume that more movement will generate energy? To be more specific, when you keep moving your body, you continue to stimulate your nervous system and cardiovascular system.

Furthermore, we generate energy aerobically, by breathing. So if you keep moving at a comfortable pace, won’t you continue to breath and generate the necessary energy?

Even better, God designed our body to rest and work, so you can always stop, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, refocus your mind on your mission, and get going again. Of course, depending on the type of “mile” you want to go, you may need a healthy snack.

Think about how much better you feel after shutting your eyes for just a bit. We have a built in Rejuvenation Mechanism that gets activated when you close your eyes. Take advantage of it and soar with the eagles 😉

Another gift that God created that I’m truly grateful for some weeks is Spark. It’s an awesome caffeine supplement loaded with B vitamins and Amino acids to help power you through those Low Vitality Peaks in your day.





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