Discover your inner power NOW with these simple games!!

We all have immense power locked away deep inside us. However, we can’t really access the full potential therein because of our thoughts and beliefs, and it would probably would rip us apart. It seems like we have to be in life threatening situations before your power makes itself known to you. You can however, discover a small taste of that hidden potential by playing a few mind games right now:

waste paper

  1. Throw that trash out… with STYLE! -We all know that one great american past time of throwing paper balls into a basket, don’t we? Well, what if I told you that when you focus your mind and energy properly, you’ll never lose to your coworkers ever again? Here’s how.

1st Take a deep breath as you focus on the area right below your belly button, called the “tan tien” in martial arts communities.

2nd. Focus on the hole in the basket, don’t just focus “at” the basket. There’s a big difference here and your performance will reflect that. Imagine a line of energy flowing from you into the center of the basket.

3rd. Take aim and release the ball!! If you made, you focused your mind and energy properly. If not, switch your focus until you find a spot that lets you hit the bullseye everytime.


2. Open that mustard jar that your diesel cousin can’t even open –


open jar


We all have that one jar of mustard that we just can’t open, no matter what day it is. Here’s a simple technique that will help you use the power of your intention to open it with ease and have all of your friends clamouring to your place to get their jars opened:

  1. Find the offending jar and put your hand on the lid.
  2. Focus on your power point, the spot 2 inches below you below button until you feel a sensation.
  3. Imagine that sensation flowing form your power point, up your torso, down your arm and into the lid. Keep this flow up until you feel “something” change.
  4. When you feel ready, twist the lid. You’ll find that you can easily open it. Go nuts and open everything that was previously locked to you, but stay in your OWN home!!


(If you want to learn even more cool ways to use your inner power for massive success, grab your copy of my new book, “Master Keys to Health And Vitality by clicking here right now!!)


3. Jump higher than Michael Jordan (kinda)

jordan jumping

If making a basket or opening a mustard jar didn’t prove to you the existenceof your unfathomable powers, then this next test surely will:


  1. Perform a standing jump. Notice how high you get.
  2. Now, focus on your belly button. Imagine the energy from your power center flowing down into your quads, calves, glutes and hamstrings. Feel this power fill them like water.
  3. When they feel full, jump and notice your height for this jump.


Now, the purpose of these tests is to show you that we only tap into a teency bit of the huge amount of power we have sitting inside us, waiting to be used.

A really awesome book that teaches you even more ways to tap in your ki for unlimited success is “Ki in Daily Life.”

Take care and God bless you!




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