Are you using your compassion to heal?

Compassion and toughness are forms of healing energy when you use them properly!

I’m so fascinated with the power of prayer and how you can tap into healing forces from God when you do pray.

For those of you who know me, believe it or not, I’m not *always* the most compassionate guy in the room. I grew up with a tough mom and in tough surroundings, so being cosciously compassionate is something my wife is working with me on developing:) Being a personal trainer, one of my jobs is to push my clients to achieve success. Sometime I forget however that compassion is one of the Master Keys of Pushing people to achieve higher levels of succes.. When you’re compassionate with someone, you can sympathize with them and once you can sympathize, then you can develop rapport and understanding, temporarily placing yourself in that person’s shoes so you can push them better.

Scientific research has proven that our hearts radiate powerful electromagnetic fields, many times more powerful than the field radiated by our brains. Even cooler: When two or more people come into contact with each other, their hearts begin to beat in unison!

Sympathizing with people always bugged me for one major reason; it meant that I would have to feel what the other person was feeling!! That sucks, because now you have two or more sad people and you can’t move forward because you’re stuck in sadness, right?

Wrong! Here’s something that I’ve learned through experience: To consciously allow yourself to sympathize puts you in a position of control, meaning that you are only temporarily feeling sadness. Think of emotional states as rubber bands, you can pull on the band to generate tension (changing emotional states), but when you release, it snaps back to it’s relaxed state(your default emotional state).

I’ll never forget the time I was out with my college buddies for a ride. As we were being forced to stop by the red light, I noticed a elderly, overweight woman walking down the street to the right of us on the sidewalk. As I focused my attention on her, I started to feel discomfort; I realized that by becoming aware of her existence, I could feel her discomfort. I felt like I was out of breath. It my first lesson in compassion.

 Being compassionate and being tough are forms of healing energy when you know how and when to activate them.

The cool thing is that we all have the ability to heal, just at different levels.

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would kiss your boo boos in an effort to calm you down and comfort you?

Or can you remember the difference between eating food from a person that likes to cook versus eating food prepared by a person that doesn’t?

Or how getting a vaccination from two different doctors feels, one gentle and one not so gentle?

There have been many studies done on the power of prayer to heal. One very fasciating experiment performed some years ago onvolving chemotherapyh and prayer discovered that patients that recieved chemotherapy doses that were prayed over/on experienced NO negative side effects. Yeah, you’re gonna want to read that again.

So what happened in these situations was that the Pray-ors were possibly praying for the comfort and safety of the recipients of siad treatment which indirectly affected the beneficiaries by forming some sort of field around the chemotherapy dose, or affected the molecules themselves to make them less dangerous to human cells.

In his book, “the hidden messages in water”, Dr.Masaru Emoto demonstrated that our thoughts and emotions can generate energy which can influence the shape of water molecules. He even found that playing certain types of music had certain types of effects on said crystals; Hard rock caused the crystals to looked jagged whereas classical orchestrated musci caused the crystals to create beautiful formations. His book is worth a intense read if you’re curious about the healing power of your thoughts and feelings.

So, you’re probably saying to yourself right now, “Amir, this is really cool information, but how does this make me a healer?” I’m getting to it right now:

By changing our states from compassionate to tough and vice versa when we need it, we can help the people around us and ourselves.

How do we change our emotional state? By using your imagination.

Say for instance that you have a friend that going through a difficult time and you want to help them be strong to face those challenges; you can help that person by having them recall a very funny memory while you recall a very funny memory of your own. This is the simplest way to raise the energy level of your friend and get them over that emotional wall/roadblock. One cool mental technique you can use is to imagine your friend as a little kid who needs comforting. Don’t kiss their boo-boo, because that’s just weird. Just have the intention in your mind to comfort them

The other thing you can do is be be strategically tough, meaning that you have to put on your Drill Sargeant hat and help your friend push through and keep going until they find the solution. To do this, you simply imagine yourself as an army drill sargeant, leading a group of soldiers to the other side of a battle front. Your job is to make sure that every one makes it over there alive, and you have to stay strong and focused to do it. Bombs are exploding around you and bullets are flying everywhere, but you’re strong and you’re determined to to make it home with your comrades alive.

These two mental techniques are two of the many I use in daily life wherever I find myself.

For an even simpler way to help yourself and firends, you can watch movies that invoke passion in you and toughness. Two good movies that I like are Rocky (activating your toughness circuits) and Ghandi (Activate those compassion circuits).

Scientific studies have demonstrated that just focusing on a figure Like Ghandi Or Jesus will automatically cause you to become stronger AND more compassionate.

We all have a default emotional state, either being totally tough or super compassionate. I’m super tough and my wife is super compassionate. We’re perfect for each other because we teach other how to be more like one another. She’s becoming more of a drill sargeant while I’m becoming more of a Father Terry.

Let me say that you have to be aware of one thing: You need to project BOTH emotions to help yourself and other move forward. Too much compasison can make it comfortable for a person to stay in a situation that doesn’t serve their greater good, and being too tough can hurt a person even more. Leaning the balance is the fun part of experimenting, don’t you think?

Practice flexing your compassion/toughness muscles the next time you see someone that needs one/both.

Being compassionate is like throwing a warm, toasty blamket over a freezing person, whereas being tough is pretty much telling that person to suck it up and walk off the damn frostbite! Both are good in different contexts.

Preprogram yourself now with the following affirmation:

“I am more compassionate to people around me”. Repeat that affirmation at a deeply relaxed state with your eyes closed. Imagine yourself being compassionate and comforting to people who need it. The same visualization goes for developing the ability to project loving-toughness.

If you want even more awesome resources on the power of prayer and compassion to change your life and the lives of your friends and family, then check out “Healing Words” By Larry Dossey.



PS. Be sure to grab your copy of “Master Keys to Health and Vitality” Today and experience near-limiless vitality!


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