What do you think you can’t do now that you think you can only do in the future?


What is it that you want to be doing when you’re living your dream life that you can’t do right NOW as you’re living your current lifestyle?

Take that question and let it jangle around your head for a few moments.

Let’s look at the question in pieces:

You quite possibly have the physical ability to do it now. Do you want to:

Take a boxing class?
Write a novel?
Start a garden?
Stand in front of your window and do yoga (with clothes on, people…)?
Go streaking?!??!

To paraphrase Napoleon Hill, ” if you can conceive it, you can achieve it…” What did he mean by that? He means that where you have the desire, you can find a way to achieve your goals.

You ever hear of the term “burning desire”? When you look at the 2 words, you’ll realize that it refers to the fact that our desire is a form of energy, and in fact, its a form of spiritual fire.

Fire has heat and light as concurrent phenomenon. Most importantly, fire is MOVEMENT.

Have you ever heard the saying ” it’s like someone lit a FIRE underneath him/her”? There’s that term again.

I was chatting with my nephew and he expressed his amazement at all the energy that our current presidential candidates seem to radiate ( the exciting ones, not the boring ones). I pointed out the fact that these men and women are being dragged by a big goal, being charged with excitement at the possibility of becoming the POTUS. Wouldn’t you be so excited that you couldn’t sleep?

Next piece: what’s stopping you from doing it now?
Money? Space? Necessary equipment?

If you could get all the necessary equipment/space/money to help materialize your dream, how would you do that?

What would it be like if you just did all those things that you’ve been wanting to do RIGHT NOW?

That dream of yours may literally be a phone call away…

Remember, we live in a universe that is fluid and alive, and it will bend a bit around us when we go for what we want.

Oh yeah, and life is short. We’re here today and gone tomorrow.



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