Poke balls and Teeth.


My own little pokemon!

5 months into being a daddy and this is getting fun! I feel like I have my own little pikachu right now, complete with lightning bolts:

Earlier this week as mommy and daddy were introducing “people food” to lil’ man ( clearly at this stage they begin to snap out of their warm milk-induced zombie rage and start to lighten up a bit…), he gave us a bit of resistance and decided that he wanted to turn his head up and to the right to avoid the green beans mommy said he was utterly in love with….

So I decided that I needed to be up at 4 in the morning the next day and that although he was “cute” being defiant, we should wrap it up. So I place my hand over the right side of his face to obstruct his view. He didn’t appreciate that too much, so he squirmed to get into position and tried to take a chomp outta me!!! Oh yeah, he’s got freakin’ bottom teeth now!!!!

I immediately felt two emotions/sensations:

1) laughter, because the joke would have been on him if he did get a hold of my big old ashy hand.
2) shock, because he tried to eat me like bacon, and not the juicy bacon thay drips with fat, but like day old bacon that you warm up and have to eat because you can’t waste food…

Both shocking and funny, and comforting: comforting for the fact that as I looked over and saw mommy just finishing her laughter fit and trying to keep her composure, it made me realize that the next 18 years are gonna be interesting…. And then he’s harvards problem..

It also made me realize that because he’s pretty strong and muscular for a 5 year old, I’m gonna need to build a man sized poke ball for him;)



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