You get the best of both worlds, but you have to focus on ONE.


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying:

“If you wanna know what you’ll look like in 50 years, look at your parents…”

Although genetics plays a huge part in how our body changes and grows, it’s just one factor.

Thanks to pioneering research into human genes and nutrition, scientists have determine that we do have a certain degree of control over which genes we can turn on or off. For instance, eating fruits and veggies causes your body to turn off some of the genes that cause your body to turn cells cancerous.

Do you think that your thoughts have a great deal of impact over how your body shapes itself as well?

For instance, how many times have you gotten dressed and made yourself up to look like someone you admire? Maybe you wanted J. Laws eyes for the day or Kerry washingtons neck…

I find it very fascinating that the ancient greeks believed in the power of the mind to shape the features of their children so much that they would sleep next to a bust of a god or goddess that they wanted their children to look like.

Isn’t it possible then that through some kind of autosuggestion that we cause ourselves to look like the most shiney or not-so-shiny versions of ourselves? Furthermore, of you were to look at statement I wrote at the beginning of this post as a SUGGESSTION, then isn’t it possible that we can will ourselves to look like the shiny/not shiny versions of our parents?

Go one step further with me and ask yourself:

Is it possible for me to use self suggestion to look like the best version of my mother/father? After all, the same genetics are present. Can’t we flip the right switches through proper eating and the proper beliefs?

Hypnotists claim that you can cure all kinds of illnesses with self suggestions and that you can even increase your bust size!

Try this fun experiment for 21 days and see what results you obtain: get a picture of your mom or dad in there prime, looking their best. Use that picture as a benchmark for achieving an awesome physique.

As some delicious food for though, scientist Harold Burr did some fascinating research focused on salamanders and electrical fields: he found that by using low levels of electricity in certain environments with baby salamanders, he was able to make visible what appeared to be a full grown salamander surrounding the baby! You can get more detail on these other experiments like it in when you buy “the body electric”.

Have Fun!



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