Your favorite songs could be keeping you achieving awesome empowered states. Here’s how.



If you’re Like Me, you CANNOT start your day without:

  1. A good energizing breakfast of fruits and protein
  2. A good laugh
  3.  a quick high energy HIPS training
  4. Great music


A famous martial artist oince said, ” Step out your door ready to face down 10,000 enemies…”. What did he mean by that? Put simply, he meant to say:

Before you leave the house, be in a high charged, peak perofrmance state and you will succeed.

For me, music is the most important of the four things I do in my Morning Battery Charging Sequence. Without good music, life sucks for me:(

I’m not sure if you feel like this, but it seems like there’s not really any good music on the airwaves, doesn’t it? And doesn’t it seem like you find a really amazing song that helps you get into an amazing state of peak performance only once in a while?

Doesn’t it feel like you have to listen to 100 crappy songs before you find 1 energizing song?

It’s a numbers game, much like Life. Don’t you want the odds in your favor?

Music impacts our physiology dramatically by:

  1. increasing activity in BOTH brain hemispheres
  2. affecting our breathing
  3. affecting our heart rates

I choose to feel powerful and happy all the time, and choosing my music deliberately helps me to attain that goal daily.

My wife gets annoyed when we’re on the road and I’ll keep playing the same song over and over. it’s not just because I really like the song (and she didn’t have anything she wanted to hear anyway:(, but it’s because:

  1. the music helps me change my physiology to a desired state
  2. The music helps me with my mental imagery, which also helps me control my state.
  3. The more I listen to the music, the more that state gets better and better, until it reaches it’s peak in me.

The more cool music I can chain together, the better the resulting state.

Music can be used for good states and bad states. For instance, is there a song that helps you lead yourself into a depressed state? You’re probably wondering why ANYONE would want to feel bad?

My belief is that sometime people want to unload negative emotions and feeling bad can be a doorway to crying crocodile tears, which is a release.

Of course, we only want to feel amazing when we’re interacting with other people so they can feel awesome and pass it on, and so on.

If you don’t have an Pump Up Playlist yet, get on it tonight and use it tomorrow morning to set the tone (pun intended) for awesomeness and high performance.




PS! For more awesome ways to easily change your state to function at Superman/Wonder Woman levels, be sure to get your copy of “Master Keys to Health And Vitality”, on sale in 4 days!!!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Agreed. It’s hard for me to make it through my gym routine without music. I don’t feel as motivated, and I’m ready to leave as soon as i hit my hour mark.


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