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How should I eat for maximal performance?

I love questions, and I love answers even more, don’t you?

It’s a very important question and we will do our best to answer it now:

First things first: in order to determine how we should be eating for our daily life, we need to determine said activities. Once we do this, we can determine exactly how we should be eating for peak vitality and performance.

Get a sheet of paper and write down ALL of the activities that you do throughout the day (well maybe not all…;). Make sure you write down duration as well, this is very important.

Once you have these points down, you can start to look for certain patterns, using different mental filters:

  1. What’s the longest period of time that I go without food?


This question is important for 2 reasons:

A) The length of time will determine how famished you are before your next meal. This state is important to become aware of because it’s usually during these times that we tend to eat with our eyes instead of our minds. Your conscious mind loses it’s control over your body-mind and all food breaks loose. How many times have you held off eating for long periods of time and then when you get the chance to grab a bite, you literally want to buy the entire store?

b) You’ll be able to see how much time/many intervals you have during your day to take advantage of your GH states, states during which your GH output is highest because of low insulin blood levels. By becoming aware of your GH states, you can take several actions:


  1. You can do some HIPS (High Intensity Play Sequence tm) training to maximize the release of your GH and protmote better fat burning and muscle building gains.
  2. You can take a nap ( if you have time). During naps, we access deep delta brainwave cycles, the state in which our body produces high amount of GH (Growth Hormone).


2.  Are my daily activities primarily Mental Or Physical?

This is an important question to answer because the type of work that you perform daily is going to determine where the majority of your calories come from, whether carbs/fats/proteins.

If you discover that the majority of your daily work is mental, you’re going to find that your body wants to eat more carbs and fats. This makes perfect sense; your brain and your nervous system require reasonably high amounts of carbs and fats to function properly.

If you determine that your work is highly physical, you may find that your body wants more proteins, fats, and carbs to sustain itself.

These two types of activity are going to determine how fast you burn through calories. Obviously, the Mental Worker is going to burn calories slower than than Physical Worker.

Knowing this, here’s the gameplan:

  1. For predominant mental workers, schedule in a Body Awareness break. Take a few minute for every hour of work that you sit down/do mental work and check in with your body:

Stretch and bend. Take a short walk around your workspace. Do some squats to bring your awareness down from your head and back into your body. Crack a window and breath the fresh air. Run in place. Move that stagnant blood through your body with some fresh 02 in it!

2. For physical workers, Take a break and get some water. Believe it or not, lots of times when you feel that you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty. Listen to your bodies signals for water. I’ll assume that you eat lots of calories during your workday and I’ll tell you that calories mean very little if you don’t have adequate hydration to help deliver those nutrients to your cells for peak functioning.

For everyone in general, the best way to avoid Stomach Revenge ( or what I like to call, The “Don’t you forget about me” principle) is to eat frequent, filling snacks consisting of varying amounts of proteins, carbs, and fats in order to fuel your mind and body and keep you going strong.


Stay full and have Fun!





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