So you can’t train on an empty stomach, huh….



Are you one of those people that thinks they can’t train on an empty stomach without getting weak kneed and low blood sugary? Well, firstly, why would anyone want to train on an empty stomach? Well, that’s a blog post for another time soon.

What If i Told that there’s a simply way to do it, and it’s probably counter-intuitive to what the fitness industry says to do, yet it’s so startlingly simple you’ll be smackin’ yourself because you didn’t figure it out until you read this?

Let’s look at the situation logically:

  1. You get shakey as you begin to train on an empty stomach; ask yourself: how LONG into my training session before I start to feel shaky? Further, ask yourself: What am I training today? This make a huge difference in how quickly you get shaky.

For instance, If your focus for that session is Strength Training, which requires you to utilize your glycogen stores and fats for fuel, then, you will get shaky fairly early in that session.

However, if your focus for the day is Long Duration Cardio training, you can train for a long period of time before your blood sugar drops. Why, you ask? Because your primary fuel source is fat when trainig for long periods of time at LOW intensity. Moreover, you’re using your aerobic systems ( with air) to converts fats into energy.

The difference in that specific context in regards to how quick you hit your “shake point” is in the energy systems you’re tapping into.

So, now that we’ve looked into the problem with different glasses, let’s switch glasses again and find an answer:

In order to benefit from “Fasted Training”, you have to train as much as you before you hit your ” shake point”, at which time you EAT A PIECE OF FRUIT!!!

It’s so simple and with all things in life, the simplest answer is the one that’s overlooked because we feel bad if we spend time seeking answers that aren’t as effective. I’ve been there.

What’s going on when you hit that Shake Point? Your blood sugar is low and (if you’re NOT diabetic) entering into a ACUTE state of hypoglycemia (relatively short term). Now, what’s the first thing we do when we enter Acute states of hypoglycemia? WE LOOK FOR SOMETHING SWEET TO BRING OUR BLOOD SUGAR BACK UP TO NORMAL LEVELS.

Now, my question is this: why don’t we think to carry a piece of fruit with us if you know that you have the possibility of hitting your Shake Point during training?

It lies partly in a absurd thought pattern: ” if i eat during my workout, i’ll counteract all of the calories i’ve burned…” Sounds right? WRONG.

Think about the situation logicially: If you’re burning calories before you hit your shake point, and you take a pause to refill your stores, and you CONTINUE TO TRAIN, do you think those 5 calories from that banana are going back into storage? Probably not.

Also keep in mind that when you’re training Long And Slow, you’re using a combo of carbs, fats and air to burn calories, so your body has many sources of fuel to work with.

Your question: ” What are you getting at, Amir!?!?!”

My Answer: Depends on your focus for the day:

  1. Anerobic focus

When you hit your Shake Point, eat a piece of fruit and continue training. Generally, you’ll hit that SP faster during this type of traiing on a empty stomach. By using this process, you eliminate the fear of getting shaky and you can continue making gains. The best types of fruit are Low glycemic, which means that they break down to glucose slower than would high glucose fruit. 3 really good options for me personally are:


  1. Dates –Dates2Although they are extremely sweet (They’re ranked as being 16 on the glycemic index), they are also LOADED with fiber, and minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, and phosphorous, minerals that are essential to proper muscle contraction (your heart’s a muscle as well, silly). When I was hard core focused on training for the 1 1/2 mile run for the RPD, these were my go-to’s during intense running workouts.


   2. Nectarines –


Coming in at a no. 4 on the glycemic load index, these bad boys are packed with just the right amount of fructose to help you recharge and get back in the game. Having special status as one of the few fruits that contains loads of iron (necessary for oxygen transport) This is another fruit that I reach for on a heavy training day and also when I’m out and out bouncing back and forth between training sessions.

3. Pears –


Last but certainly not least are any variety of pears. The soft the better (the hard pears suck when you’re trying to get at all that fructosey goodness). Coming in with a glycemic load of 4 (very low), pears have tons of vitamin c and fiber, both of which are crucila in help you maintain your strength and endurance.

2. Aerobic Training Shake Point – In my observation and experience, Generally speaking, a person hits the shake point LONGER into a Long Slow Training Day, partly because of the use of fats and oxygen to generate energy. However, if and when you find yourself hitting that point, grab one of the recommended tree-candies mentioned above and get back to work!!

Apply these tips to your next training day (if you get shaky) and watch the magic happen!!!

Now, all this talk of earth-sweets is awesome, and I would be remiss if I left you without telling you to make sure that what ever your training focus is for the day, get adequate recovery protein!

What are YOUR favorite recovery fruits? Share ’em with me!!



PS. Stay pumped and primed for “Master Keys to Health and Vitality”, being released shortly!


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