“Master Keys…” is Finally Here!!!

Master Keys cover


I’ve been working on a book for some years now, and I’m relieved to say that it’s nearing completion. 95% complete to be exact. In ” Master Keys to Health And Vitality”, you’ll discover:


  • How to beat insomnia and sleep deeply!
  • Age old tips to increase your sexual energy easily!
  • Powerful mindfulness techniques to increase your perception of the world around!
  • How to reduce anxiety and fear!
  • A simple but POWERFUL technique to energize your organs and endocrine glands for maximum health!
  • Powerful breathing techniques to send your vital force through the roof!
  • Powerful ways to grow younger and vital by the day!!!
  • How to eat to maximize youth promoting hormones!!
  • How to design and LIVE the life you truly want!
  • How to ease the symptoms of depression!
  • Supplements to help increase your energy levels and burn excess fat like a furnace!
  • How to run your mind for peak performance!


  • How to know when to stop eating for maximum energy
  • Relaxation techniques to relieve stress
  • The signs of health and how you can change them
  • The power of properly set intention
  • The true value of exercise
  • Why fresh air is better for you than you ever knew
  • The value of proper eating
  • How focusing on the positive is good for your health
  • The influence of your thoughts on your body
  • The Power of “I can…”
  • The power in something so simple as a smile
  • How imagination influences our bodies
  • How our thoughts act as magnets
  • What the ancient Taoists knew about the power of smiling
  • Simple tips for better vision
  • If you work in a office, then you’ll thank me for this tip for quick and easy relaxation
  • Bored at work? I’ll share with you some tips for increasing your productivity and increasing your earning power
  • A simple technique to relax you and energize you at the same time
  • Need motivation to finish some project? Here’s an incredibly simple drill to motivate yourself to accomplish virtually anything!
  • Simple acupressure techniques to reduce stress INSTANTLY!!
  • How to banish fear and program yourself to be brave instead!!!


  • How to boost your immune system and mood in 30 seconds or less!!


Stay tuned for release dates and other special news!!!







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