Is your favorite sauce keeping you from being lean?


I love turkey burgers. I love cheese. I love sauce.

Give me those 3 things together on a cloudy day and some good funny movies with my family, and I’m in shut in heaven.

This morning as I was plating my juicy turkey burgers and getting ready to add the sauce ( no cheese in the morning:(, it suddenly occurred to me that while I read the nutritional labels and am pretty good about serving myself reasonable portion sizes, most people would just slather on an amount that “looks good” to them, which is another testament to the fact that we eat with our brains and eyes.

As I looked at one of my favorite sauces and prepared to give myself the recommended serving size, I looked at the sugar content and noticed that 2 tablespoons of this “stuff”  gives me 28 calories with 0 calories from fat and 6 grams of sugar, which is not good or bad, depending on the metabolism and hormone system you’re working with.

8 grams of sugar or less is what scientific researchers seem to agree on as a number of grams of sugar that will elicit the small release of insulin into your bloodstream. As you know, insulin is a anabolic hormone that help your body push glucose into your cells so that it can be used for energy instead of floating around in your bloodstream and killing you painfully.

I realized how easy it is for a person to just pour the sauce all over their meal till the plate is oozing at the sides.

With that much sauce, you’re easily looking at 4 servings of the sauce, which brings your calorie count up to 112 calories for just the sauce and it’s all carbs, which jacks up your insulin output, which puts your body in fat storing mode:(

How can you avoid this scenario and enjoy your favorite sauces and make gains?

  1. Make sure you know both the sugar and fat content of your favorite sauces. The lower the both of these macronutrients, the better.
  2. Add some spice to your sauce. Sprinkle some black pepper in it to help speed up your metabolism.
  3. Eat with your head. Use the serving size offered on the label. You may even decide to do half of said amount You’ll be surprised to find that it may be more than enough to give you a good taste. Besides, are you here to eat sauce or enjoy your meal?
  4. Experiment with a mixture of your favorite sauce and mustard. Mustard is low calorie and adds some zing to the mix.

Learn more simple ways you can increase your fat-burning and vitality levels with my new book, Master Keys To Health And Vitality. Grab your copy now and let the sauce be with you always;)

Own your Sauce, Own your gains!!

Be the boss of your sauce!!!

I can’t hink of anymore lame sauce one-liners, can you? Leave one in the comments!!!




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