Men Over 35!!! Supplements every man needs to build lean, ripped muscles!!


Disclaimer: Please consult your physician before you take any supplements. Do your research and make a educated decision.

Being a man is awesome most of the time. We get to beat on our chests, eat meat, scratch ourselves in public and it’s totally fine, because everyone understands….

I kid, I kid! But in all seriousness, do you remember being a young man and feeling like you could take on the entire world if they dared to test you?

One hormone responsible for that awesome feeling is Testosterone. It helps us build lean muscles, keep us aggressive and hungry, and helps our outlook on life stay in the positive.

However, as we men get older, our T-levels drop. Specifically, by the age of 25, we have reached our peak output of testosterone, and from that point, every decade,  we experience a %10 drop, so that by the time you’re 50 years old, you’re producing half the T-levels of a 25 year old.

In addition, with lower T-levels comes more irritability, higher body fat levels, decrease in aggressiveness, etc.

The other hormone is Growth Hormone. In our youth, we produce this hormone in abundance. It’s partly responsible for growth and recovery. That’s partly the reason why as a young man you could stay up all night and play all day.

Now, my personal belief is this:

For most men and women who are experiencing the above symptoms as a result of decreased T levels, the cause is not necessarily the levels themselves, but the LIFE YOUR LIVING. When you create your life step by step, you have no reason to be grumpy. If you’re not busting hump being a rat in someone else’s hamster wheel, your aggressiveness doesn’t get turned off. I feel that it’s a major chain reaction:

  1. You’re not living your ideal designed life, so you get grumpy
  2. Your motivation decreases because you don’t want to be doing what you’re doing
  3. Your cortisol levels go up because you’re stressed out because you don’t want to be doing what you’re doing and now your body breaks down muscle tissue for energy.
  4. That cycle goes on for years, decades for some people.

Now, it’s one of those chicken and egg things, and it sounds really simple, but often the simplest truth is the most powerful and enduring.

These are just my theories, so feel free to agree or not agree.

So moving on, how do we fix low t-levels and bring them back to “normal”?

There are a few ways to to go:

  1. Testosterone treatments from your doctor are a great way to supplement what Mother nature has snatched away us. In a nutshell, you go to your doctor, have him check your t- levels, and if they think you’re a good candidate for the therapy, they prescribe low doses of T, and you either inject it or wear a patch. You have to inject it in your butt though:(

There are other ways to boost your testosterone naturally and indirectly with supplements:

Ginseng is a powerful adaptogen that helps your body handle stress and with less stress, you produce less cortisol which means you get to keep more muscle!!!

Suma is a another supplement nicknamed ” brazilian ginseng” and it helps to boost your testosterone levels.

2. Supplements that help boost your body’s own output of  Growth Hormone. There are many amino acids that helps supplement your own levels of GH.

Some very effective and safe ones to use are:

  1. L ornithine + L arginine taken together are scientifically proven to boost GH levels. L arginine in it’s powder form is disgusting and unfortunately, it has to be taken on a empty stomach. If you can stomach the smell and taste, then this is a great regimen to use before your RESISTANCE TRAINING sessions.

3. Lifestyle changes – There are some very simple lifestyle changes that you can adapt to help support your bodies natural GH and t-levels:

  • HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training is excellent for helping you to build lean muscle and burn body fat. With long slow continuous training, you run the risk of breaking down existing muscle tissue to meet the demands of the Long ass activity. With HIIT training, you’re doing alot of PLAY in a short period of time, which not only spares muscle mass, but also helps boost your body’s output of GH!! You get 2 for 1!! (For more simple ways to effortlessly increase your body’s ability to burn fat and enahcne your vitality levels, check out my new book, Master Keys to Health and Vitality right now.
  • Cut your sugar intake to 8 grams per serving or less, unless it’s your cheat day. Excess sugar makes your body release a corresponding amount of insulin, which promotes fat storage. Another reason to limit sugar intake is because insulin and GH are antagonistic, and when insulin abounds, your GH runs underground.
  • Getting adequate amounts of protein throughout your day to help your GH do it’s work of repair and helping to burn fat.

4. Keep your liver functioning healthy by ensuring that you’re getting your daily dose of b complex vitamins,  The B complex help, among other things, your body metabolize carbohydrates into usable energy and also assists in the production of the various enzymes in your body. One very important the b’s help your body perform is that they help the liver do it’s work of detoxification, regeneration, and FAT BURNING.

Vitamins A and D. You can get A and D from a 1 a day vitamin or a source like cod liver oil.

You can get you B complex vitamins from supplements and/or your fruits and veggies like romaine lettuce and bananas.

Finally, as I touched on before, I think the best and easiest way to make sure that you stay energized and burning fat all day is to CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE. Create your own system and work it!


Amir Campbell

PS! Visit my advocare website and explore some of the most effective supplements on the planet for achieving your fitness goals!!:



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