Be the missile…ALWAYS have a target!


Missiles NEVER miss their marks, and this is good or bad depending on which end you’re on…. Or near. They’re pretty freaking destructive:(

The key to the missile success is it’s guidance system. This system allows it to maintain its course for the duration of it flight.

Here’s the cool thing: while it may seem like its flying straight like a laser, in actuality, its making slight deviations from its flight path, hence the need for the guidance system.

We human beings are the same. We have a built in guidance system that leads from what we don’t want to what we do want.

Now, the key to any successful computer program is the work and detail that goes in its programming. Garbage in equals garbage out.

Is your current guidance system giving you garbage? If so, there a few steps you can take to allow yourself to go from dumpster diving to gold mining.

1) know your values. Know what ideals and principles you value above all else in the world. When you know your values and keep them front of mind, then you can always get back on course.

2) Be flexible – like the missile, we are constantly taking slight detours on the path to our goals. By being behaviorly flexible, you can enjoy the detour, learn new things about yourself, and happily get back on track.

3) Have a clear picture of your goals. What will it look like when you have them? What will you be doing? What will you hear? See? What thoughts will dominate your mind? Allow your imagination to stir like a thunderstorm. Clear images of your goal act as a powerful-magnet to bring you and them closer in a blissful collision.

4) Dream BIG. Small dreams do very little to stir the imagination and move the spirit, while big goals will whip it in a foaming frenzy focused on achievement.

Review your curent goals in light of the above criteria and make the necessary changes to make it a reality.

If you want to learn how to dream big and chase big, then grab your copy of my new book, Master Keys To Health And Vitality and learn to unleash your God goven power to laser focus your mind on what YOU CHOOSE.


Amir Campbell


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