Can you really make your own luck?


First of all, what is luck?

Is it the same as chance?

Luck and fortune are the same things. Obviously you want to learn how to make your own luck.

I believe that we all have the ability to access amazing luck within ourselves and use that Luck Well to achieve our desired outcomes. The most important thing we need to do is access our own Luck Symbols(tm). Stop and think for a moment:

What symbols come to your mind when you think about Good Luck?


And obviously, you want to learn how to create your own GOOD luck.

Keyword being ” Make”. Part of being highly lucky is Taking  Strategic Actions. Strategy implies planning.

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If you have a nasty streak, and i think we all do, whether we admit or not, sometimes you want to create bad luck for the people who are unfortunate enough to trigger said bad streak. Of course you can easily condition yourself to not be influenceed by said triggers and even complete erase the triggers, but more on that at a later time.

One key to creating your own luck is to PREPARE. Alexander the great is quoted by his historian as saying “fortune favors the bold. The up and down of that caveat is that you will unconsciously do everything in your power to NOT be bold unless you’re prepared!!!

Preparation means that we:

  1. Do research on the area(s) in which we want to have better luck. Successful people spend loads of time researching and gathering information. ( retainng it is another matter:(
  2. Understand the odds of success. How likely am I to succeed in this venture with my current skillset and resources?
  3. Find a way to stack the odds in your favor. What skills can I quickly learn to help increase my odds of success?

Next: be in the right social circles. A big skill in the life of a successful person is to be able to safely navigate different social circles. Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly bouncing to-and fro between said circles, and your luck.

Thirdly, be genuine! Be your true, genuine self. When you do the things you want to do, pursue the dreams and goals that truely matter to you, and spend your time the way YOU choose to spend it, then you “shine” more brightly with positive emotions and feelings and you have a easier time attracting what you want.

Positive feelings are intensly more powerful than negative feelings.

How do you stay positive when the world seems like its crashing in around you. You focus your mind on that positive goal. Just the mere focus on it will be enough to raise your spirits and renew your “grit”. There are other simple techniques to stay optimistically positive so that you are almost dragged to your goal while you eat your healthy snacks wink-wink 🙂

Fourthly: One major key to having consistent and repeatable Good Luck is Timing. This is a werid one because it’s closely connected with your intuition, your gut feelings. Can you remember a time when you wanted to take action and something inside you told that it wasn’t the right time to act, and you saved money or possibly your life?

Firstly, we have to sort of pin down what “intution” means. In oreder to get a better understanding of it, we have to understand that we have a subconscious mind that records literally MILLIONS of stimuli and sensory impressions a day, possibly more. Not only that, but our subsconscious minds hold our memories, our beliefs, and our likes/dislikes. It’s the natural super computer that God gave to us.

In my opinion, Intuition is what we experience when our subconscious mind records some impression that “slipped past” our conscious minds and is attempting to alert us to that bit in an effort to support us in our goals. This is why Preparation ( research) is important; it helps us to load up our subconscious minds with information which can then mix and match information to create new solutions for us, which it then sends to our conscious awareness.


Are you prepared?
Are you in the right social circles?
Are you being your geniune self, the way God made you?Have you done your research?

If you aren’t yet, then you need to change TODAY.


Amir Campbell

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