Are your beliefs putting a bump in the road to your success?

bump in the road


1.What do you believe about yourself?

2. What do you WANT to believe about yourself?

Two important questions you have to ask yourself before you can transform into the person who can live the life you truly want to live.

Your beliefs can either be a helping hand or the icey cold mitts of Jason voorhees. They can push you foreward or hold you back.

What do your beliefs about your age and your potential? The saying “its all down hill from here” sucks. It’s a negative self suggestion that implies that things cant get better when thats far from the truth.

Doesn’t the following sound like a more mepowering belief to carry around on the walls of your inner mind all day everyday: ” Even though i’m (age), I still have limitless potential to grow healthier and better”?

I feel that beliefs are just suggestions that we continously act on until we give ourselves new positive beliefs (suggestions).

Negative beliefs can be like little mischevious imps that obscure our view of the success we desire.

Alexander the great was told that he was the son of Zeus and that belief with all its implications pushed him to conquer and macedonia-ize the known world at that time.

Hitler was told that he was supposed to change the course of history, which he unfortunately attempted to do and did to a degree.

Napoleon bonaparte believed that he had a “shining star of destiny” and it compelled him to literally snatch the crown off the head of the emperor of france and crown himself.

What beliefs/suggestions can you give yourself that will guide you to live the life of your dreams?

One very powerful technique to help install positive beliefs in your nervous system is to use a mirror. More specifically, you stand in front of the mirror, gazing gently at your reflection. As you do so, you verbally state the desired belief that you want in your mind and body in the PRESENT TENSE ie ” I choose exercise over xxxx”. You verbally repeat that to your reflection until you feel your internal resistance buckle. For more details on this powerful technique, be sure to grab your copy of my new book ” Master Keys to Health and Vitality” right after you read this post by clicking here.

If you have children, are you treating them like mighty acorns by watering them with powerful beliefs in their own inner power?

Peace and Love,

Amir Campbell


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