“This is only temporary…”



Always remember, life is fluid, as fluid as the gatorade or adult apple cider we enjoy.

You only need to look at day in your life and notice how many things you saw or heard today…

That being said, you can start to realize that to a great degree, you can shape the course of your day.

Furthermore, my deepest belief is that the rest of your day IS AS AWESOME AS YOUR NEXT THOUGHT.

Let me explain, although once I explain it will make perfect sense to you and you will realize instantly what im throwing at you:

How many times this week have you NOT looked forward to going to work? Too many times, if I’m honest… how bout you?

Now, getting out of bed and going to work is one thing… your attitude about the rest of the work day is something totally different.

If you keep telling yourself over and over again “this day is gonna suck… this day is gonna suck…”, Then how much the day gonna suck?

Quite a bit, loads of suckage…

Now, how awesome might the rest of your workday develop if you were to tell yourself : ” im gonna have fun today.. im gonna make a lot of money today… im gonna meet new people today….”?

Can you see how a simple change in thinking can make a huge difference on how your day turns out?

A really simple way to restructure your mind to think positive is realize that the one thing you can control and direct is your expectations.

There are many instances I can recall where I caught myself telling myself that “this is not gonna end good..” however,in every case, I would take a deep breath now… and remember that everything will work out fine… then i would relax and now im able to deal with the situation from that calm centered perspective.

Its almost as if my positive expectations became a mental shield…

Is there a situation that causes you to “lose it”? The next time you find yourself in that situation, tell yourself that everything will be fine… everything will go smoothly…

And watch the magic happen.



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