Why “complaining” about your current situation is EMPOWERING!!



So, I found myself complaining about alot of things a few minutes ago… one of those thing being money.

Sometimes it seems like we never have enough of what we need … or what we think we need…

Yes, your current situation may suck donkey b@lls right now, but the important thing to realize is this:

You are aware of your situation!!! Be thankful for that. Many people aren’t aware of the severity or the awesome-ness of their current situation, and that sucks.

You can change things when you become aware of them.

Once you become aware of things, the next step is to determine how to change them for the better.

What sucks? What could be better? What steps can you take to make it better?

One thing I learned long ago back in high school was the simple truth that…


There is only the ever present “now” moment. The future is just a “now” that hasn’t happened yet, if that makes sense.

The awesome body that you want, you start to build it NOW.

The awesome career that you want to enjoy, you create it NOW.

The awesome life partner you’re seeking, you start to attract that person now by being that person, on the psychological and consequently, energetic level. Ghandi was dead on when he said…


So remember this:

A “complaint” is just a realization of the unsatisfactory nature of some of your current circumstances.

Change the circumstances, and your “complaint” ( observation) becomes a “praise point”

Have fun and stay positive, and be kind to one another:)



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