Burning calories and Building muscles is a numbers game

burning calories


Everything is math, much to my dismay ( the only thing I like about numbers is money and counting down how much time is left until boring situations are over…)

To build lean muscle, we have to:

1) reduce our caloric intake ( make sure you are taking in plenty of protein to build muscle and keep you full)

2) Increase our activity levels

3) Lift weight to build muscle

We have an “energy balance”. Energy balance is different for each person, as each person as different ADL’s (activities of daily living).

Did you know that just sitting around and doing nothing is an ADL ( when you stop and think about it, it’s impossible for you to “do” nothing”)?

Now, you have to think about all the activities that you do in a day, and ask yourself:

“Which of my ADL’S helps me burn the most calories?”

When you’ve identified that ones that don’t help you burn calories, then modify it/them so that you do burn calories as you do them.

For example: lets say you love sitting around and watching hours of television. Hey, I do it from time to time too. Sometimes, your mind just needs a chance to NOT think ( there are natural ways to turn off our minds, and i’ll be sharing some of those with in another article VERY soon, so you’ll want to keep your eyes here…)

What if you were to challenge yourself to curling contest? what if you were to take a pair of light dumbbells and see how many times you can curl them before you tv show comes back from commercial break? A challenge like this will allow you to do 3 things:

1) watch your favorite television show and catch up with your favorite characters’ lives

2) Build lean muscle and develop kinesthetic awarenesss

3) speed up your metabolism and keep it up for hours afterward.


It’s the simple math that is so powerful and effective.

Have fun and stay tuned!!



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