What do you want to gain from exercise?



Always keep that focus in your mind.

Before you head out to the gym, make sure you write out your fitness goal as clearly as you can.

This simple trick will help your conscious and subconscious minds remember their target.

Many times, we go to the gym and we go in with a specific end in mind, and for whatever reasons- maybe we see someone doing something impressive and we want to compete with them- we get sidetracked. Hey, I’ve been known to attempt a heavier bench press than the guy next to me, without him being aware that he was even in a competition!!!

Competition is fine, and my point is to keep YOUR focus. That guy or girl has their own particular goals that are working towards- just like you should be right now!!

So, take an index card and write out your desire fitness goals/ adaptations ie – I want to build more lean muscles, I want to run longer, I want to squat faster/ heavier. The more specific you get as you write, the clearer a picture you paint for you conscious and subconscious mind, and the clearer a target you present.

Always remember:

We have a subconscious mind that can do some pretty awesome things. You have to learn to channel this god given gift to help you achieve your goals.

Visualizing our goals and outcomes at a deeply relaxed level of body and mind is one way that we tell our subconscious mind what we need it to focus on.

Giving our ourselves proper affirmations is another way.

A good affirmation a person can say to themselves to maintain their focus in the gym is something like:

” I focus on my own fitness goals”

Say that to yourself a couple of times before your next trip to the gym and see how effective it is.

I use affirmations during the day, everyday.

Affirmations help you to focus your mind and condition yourself to act and think in different way.

Our thoughts and actions come from our beliefs, which are “stored” in our subconscious minds. We can add beliefs that are more productive and beneficial to us, and we can erase useless, outdated beliefs. You can use affirmations to update/add/erase beliefs.

Today’s lesson:

Keep YOUR fitness goals in the forefront on your mind and you’ll reach your fitness goals faster than you ever thought possible. Focus your mind so that you are like the arrow that flies straight and true to the only target that exists…




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