Everything on television is a visual suggestion….


Whether you realize it or not, television is meant to replace your internal mental picture screen, and consequently, think for you.

Think about it from this perspective:

When you close your eyes, you’re usually treated to a series of images or movies. This is more pronounced when we dream.

Even closing our eyes to day-dream…

Now, think about all the books that tell you to “close your eyes” and “visualize what you want to happen”…

During those times, we are creating mental pictures… Or we *think* we are..

But what REALLY going on: are we creating those movies… Or are we just replaying those movies that we’ve already seen?

When you stop and think about it, isn’t a movie just a external version of our internal viewing screen?

And moreover, do you realize that a hypnotist would be grateful to have a person sit for them, four hours at a time? Some of us do this on a daily basis, sitting for five or six hours at a time.

What’s more, we replay the images that we see on the television in our minds over and over… All day and all night…

Did you know that we AUTOMATICALLY slip into a highly suggestible trance state 20 to 30 times during a hour television program?

That means that there are thirty time during 1 hour in which ANYONE can suggest ANYTHING to you…

And I’m not saying that you will automatically act on every suggestion given to you…HOWEVER:

There’s the phenomena of Compounding and Repetition. Repeating a suggestion over and over increases the likelihood of a person acting it out.

Compounding is a method of giving the suggestion through different channels and in different forms.

Then there’s suggestion in which a person actually imagines themselves in first person perspective performing the action… Kinda like first person shooter video games?

I wonder why first person shooter games are so popular…

This method of commanding a person to imagine themselves in the specific context performing the specific task is called Association.

With first person perspective video games, this process is natural and covert. It works SMOOTHLY.

Cool, don’t you think?

I know what you’re thinking:

What’s your point?

My point is this: you have to start Now to become aware of all the different ways in which The Media and society try to influence you… And counter them with your own suggestions…

Guard the gate of your mind… And only let in those influences and suggestions that will make you better and Help you.



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